2010 Acura Lease Rates – May 2010

logo_acuraMy Take: Incentives are available on leases for the TL and TSX right now. AHFC generally doesn’t offer marketing cash on leases, but they have been seen late last year (probably to boost sales in this weak economy). This is good news for us because the cash discount is pretty big, enough to cover drive-off costs. Anyway, I really enjoyed my Acura lease, as you can see on my latest post about turning in my wife’s TSX, so I highly recommend an Acura lease if you like their cars.

2010 Acura MDX Base
36-month | 15k miles | residual 56% | .00150 base money factor

2010 Acura MDX Tech
36-month | 15k miles | residual 54% | .00150 base money factor


2010 Acura TL
36-month | 15k miles | residual 58% | .00172 base money factor

2010 Acura TL Tech
36-month | 15k miles | residual 55% | .00172 base money factor

2010 Acura TL SH-AWD
36-month | 15k miles | residual 56% | .00172 base money factor

2010 Acura TL SH-AWD Tech
36-month | 15k miles | residual 53% | .00172 base money factor

2010 Acura TL SH-AWD HPT
36-month | 15k miles | residual 52% | .00172 base money factor

2010 Acura TSX Base
36-month | 15k miles | residual 59% | .00160 base money factor

2010 Acura Incentives

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  1. Last question I promise. Does anyone know when the Lease Loyalty cash/voucher comes from Acura Financial??. Heres my deal, I have 2 payments left, and am 15k miles UNDER my alotment. I understand Acura has “Momentum Miles” which means they will roll you unused mileage onto the next lease. Theoretically this means I could lease a new TSX for 10k miles a year, and with my 15K bonus rollover, still have an allotment of 45k over the course of the entire lease. I would be ready to pull this deal today, HOWEVER, if I know for sure Acura is going to send me a $1500 voucher, I’d like to wait for that as well. So back to my original question, when does this loyalty voucher usually come???

    • @Gmoney. I haven’t heard about the Momentum Miles and I don’t know why they would do something like that since it puts them at a disadvantage. However, if that is true, then pulling the deal NOW may not be a bad idea. Lease cash could start, end or get extended at any time. It all depends on how sales are going. There really isn’t a way of knowing unless someone works for AHFC and is willing to leak out that info. Not even dealers know until they get the notifications. I never got a voucher when my TSX lease ended. However, I have heard of some folks getting theirs a couple months prior to the end of the lease.

  2. @G

    Thanks for the reply G, great site. Of course the Acura Loyalty Benefit is BURIED on the Acura Financial Site. I ACCIDENTLY found it while browsing their site for lease end information over the weekend. Here is the exact text off the site.

    “What are Acura Loyalty Advantage benefits?
    Acura Loyalty Advantage benefits reward loyal Acura Financial Services (AFS) lease clients by offering:

    * Momentum Miles™: If you have driven fewer than your contracted lease miles, your unused lease miles (up to 15,000) will be rounded up to the nearest 1,000 and added to your next Acura Luxury Lease™.
    * Mileage Forgiveness™: If you have driven more than your contracted lease miles (up to 7,500), we will waive half of your excess mileage when you lease or finance through AFS. Plus, if you choose to lease another new Acura with us, we’ll add an additional 1,000 miles to your base mileage amount.”

    link here

    • thanks for the link! I have heard of the Mileage Forgiveness, but the Momentum Miles is something new. That’s a great thing if you are in a situation where you have a lot of miles left and you can’t get any equity out of your car.

  3. You mean the disposition fee? AHFS doesn’t have a disposition fee. The bank acquisition fee is charged by the bank to process your paperwork and its also serves as your “GAP” coverage in a sense.

  4. No no, I meant the acquisition fee (bank fee). I just wanted to know weather they waived it or not. I know they waive the disposition fee already for returning lesees. Thanks.

    • The dealer cannot waive the acquisition fee because it is AHFC that imposes it. Unless AHFC is having a promotion where the fees is being waived, you will have to pay for it.

  5. Looking to lease a base MDX this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend. What can I expect as far as sales price? I see the money factor and residual.

    • which trim where you looking at and what term/miles? Lets assume you are going for the base with 36m/15k then. That way you will know how much you will pay at least…
      MSRP $43090
      Invoice $39936
      Sale $39600
      Monthly $525 + tax and inception fees (inception fees should be around $1500 or so).

      Depending on which state you live, you will pay taxes different. Some states require that you pay taxes on 100% of the vehicle’s sale price, while others require that you pay an “use tax” on each payment you make. In the long run, it is more advantageous to “buy” a car if you live in a state that requires tax payments on 100% of the car’s sale price. That makes that much more sense when you factor in the fact that Acura is offering 1.9% financing for 60 months right now. Since the money factor on the lease (0.00150) breaks down to about 3.6% APR, so it makes a lot of sense to go with a “BUY”.

  6. Your state requires that you pay 100% of the car’s sales tax, even when you are only using a percentage of that car. In this case, I would recommend buying the car. Plus the purchase financing is cheaper than the lease, so it makes more sense in the long run.

  7. I am in the process of comparing the monthly on a lease versus a buy. I know the rate is better on the purchase, but I have to look at the monthly payment at see what works best for me.

    • let me know what you end up doing. another thing worth considering is the tax situation should you sell the car some years down the road. I believe you get some sort of sales tax deduction on the next car you get. Consult with your tax adviser or maybe the dealer can fill you in on that. I don’t quite know the details.

  8. Finalized my deal today for 2010 TL Tech – 36 month lease 10k miles per year. Opted for a sign and drive – out the door for $0 and 35 remaining payments of $404.13 (plus 9% PA lease tax). The $1,500 lease loyalty was used to make the first month payment, TTL and cap cost reduction. Selling price was $34,281.

    • Congrats Billy! That’s a good price for a TL Tech. Too bad I didn’t get any lease loyalty on my wife’s TSX, otherwise, she’d be in a 2010 TSX instead of a Jetta. LOL. Although, I really like her Jetta, it’s pretty loaded and the built quality is solid, unlike my G37. My G’s center console is making really annoying squeeky sounds when I drive around.

  9. G,

    One more question, will the residual change if I opt for 12k instead of 15k on the MDX Base? I know it is 56% on 15k.

  10. Sealed the deal yesterday on a 6 speed TSX non Tech in NJ (7% Sales Tax)

    10k miles
    36 months
    $0 due at signing
    Still had 2 payments left on my 08 TSX that were taken care of
    $385 a month (Tax included)
    And I had 15k miles left on my 08 TSX that were rolled into the new lease via Acura’s new Momentum Miles Program

    So in conclusion, I got a 15k/36 month lease for $385, $0 upfront. Love the car by the way, best value for the dollar, hands down.

    • @gmoney! excellent deal. I think you got in on the tsx at a very good time. Thanks for bringing up the Momentum Miles Program. This should help those who have excess miles and don’t know what to do with them. Enjoy the ride!

  11. G,

    I tried 2 dealership’s today and both of them wanted $500 over invoice for MDX Tech. They said that the SUV is in “high” demand. I walked out on both. There is always next month.

    • @walter. Good call on leaving the dealer. According to TrueCar.com, the average sale price of the MDX with Tech is about $800 over invoice in my area (So Cal). The May numbers on the MDX weren’t “to die for” anyway, so it’s worth waiting to see what June looks like. I’ll keep you posted once I find some numbers.

  12. Hey G,

    I live in LA where the tax rate is 9.75% and have been quoted $370/ month (taxes included) on a 2010 Acura TSX w/o tech & Auto Trans. The car would be sign and drive and the dealer told me the current money factor for a $0 down is .00150 and the residual would be 62% on 10K miles / 36 months.

    I wanted to do a sign and drive with $0 down and $0 out of pocket at signing.

    Dealer keeps telling me that holdback is 2% and not 3% of base MSRP, has this changed as of recent?

    The dealer told me he’s leasing the car to me for $100 over net/his cost ->(going into his holdback money).

    Is this true?

    If he’s leasing me this car (with LA County tax of 9.75%) at $100 over (“NET + $100” = (invoice price – holdback) + $100. Or a “sale price” of: $26,639.70

    Shouldn’t the price of the car be less than $370 / month on a 10K mile 36 month lease (including registration, doc fee, etc.)?

    The dealer told me that the Residual is 62% and for a no money down lease the money factor is .00150

    According to my calculations it should be closer to $350 / month. Am I doing something wrong?

    Let’s keep in mind also that I calculated in the $750 of marketing support to dealer.

    Calculations Listed below:

    MSRP $30,120.00
    Gross Cap Cost $26,639.70
    Previous Balance $ 0
    Tire Tax $ 0
    Dealer Doc Fee $45.00
    Sales Tax Paid in Advance $ 0
    Registration Fees $416.75
    Title Fees $ 0
    Security Deposit $ 0
    Acquisition Fee $595.00
    Down Payment/Cap Reduction $ 0
    Lease Payments 36
    Residual Value 62%
    Money Factor 0.0015
    Sales Tax 9.750%
    Purchase Option at Lease-End $18,674.40
    Cap Cost Reduction after Tax $ 0

    First Payment + Cap Reduction

    Adj Cap Cost $27,696.45
    Depreciation $250.61
    Rent Charge $69.56
    Total Base Monthly Payments $320.17
    Total Monthly Payment $351.39
    Due at Signing $351.39

    • I think there might be a few more fees missing. If you are in the LA area, you may have to pay a some county fees and possibly electronic filing for dmv. You also have to pay taxes on those fees as well as taxes on the marketing cash (more than likely). Even so, the difference shouldn’t be almost $20 a month. That’s like $600 bucks. Something’s missing. You may want your dealer to itemize the fees for you so you know what’s isn’t being accounted for.

  13. Whew !!!!!!

    G, I finally got the deal done late last night, MDX w/Tech. Specifics to come later. Will post on the wall with pics. It took the Dealership G.M. to step in and get the deal done. Spent a few hours at Dealer, kinda tired.

    Man, this SUV is Sweeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!

  14. G,

    Sorry it took so long to post the deal, been busy at work. Here are the numbers,keep in mind this was a May deal:

    2010 MDX/ Tech 36month/12k

    Grigio Metallic exterior/ Parchmont interior

    MSRP $45,905
    Dest $ 810

    Cap Cost $42,800
    Bank Fee $ 595
    Sales Tax $ 510
    Residual 56%
    Money Rate 0.0015

    Cash Down $ 2,000

    Monthy Pay $ 524

    The 2k covered 1st,sales tax,bank fee,doc fee,title and registration,sales tax on down payment.

    The dealership had sales tax credits that they get from the State, and instead of paying 6.25%, I paid 1.25%. A lot of the time they don’t disclose that.

    Give me your input. I hope I didn’t leave anything out.

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