2011 Nissan Lease Rates – December 2010

logo_nissanMy Take: Here are some base model Nissans to kick off the December lease rates. I anticipate the Sentra S being one cheap lease this month, with possibly the best payment-to-MSRP ratio of any car this month. The Juke is also out, but it looks like the MF is a bit high so probably not one of the best leases. Anyway, I’m digging the Murano’s numbers as well since the residual is high to make this a reasonable lease. Typo on the Murano, Residual is actually 10% lower that originally posted, so the Maxima, Altima and Sentra are probably your best bets this month. Keep in mind that these are entry-level models. If you plan to lease a better equipped model, your rates will vary. As always, if I get more numbers, they will get posted.

Number1Leasing, the broker that has been kind enough to provide me with these numbers, will provide an additional $100 off their sale price for folks who mention this website, so be sure to capitalize on that should you decide to use for your next lease. There is also a $79/month Sentra SR lease* (which doesn’t qualify for the $100 discount) this month. If interested, please email them at info(at)number1leasing.com.

*The Sentra lease more than likely requires cap reduction and up front fees.

If you have worked with Number1Leasing in the past, please provide me with some feedback with your experience. Your comments are greatly appreciated and will help other readers of this blog in their dealings. To contribute, please go to the forums.

Tel: 832-374-8363

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2011 Maxima S
36-month | 15k miles | residual 59% | .00189 base money factor

2011 Altima S
36-month | 15k miles | residual 61% | .00153 base money factor

2011 Sentra S
36-month | 15k miles | residual 62% | .00044 base money factor

2011 Juke S
36-month | 15k miles | residual 56% | .00230 base money factor

2011 Rogue S
36-month | 15k miles | residual 62% | .00218 base money factor

2011 Murano S
36-month | 15k miles | residual 54% | .00179 base money factor

Lease rates provided by Number1Leasing.
Nissan Incentives from Edmunds.com

5 thoughts on “2011 Nissan Lease Rates – December 2010

  1. G,

    Yes I’m the one that got a $53,675 ML350 for $599.90 incl tax last month for 36mo/15k. Now I need a few commuter cars for the business! The Sentra looks mighty good if I can get the $2,500 rebate on the lease along with .00044! Is it possible? There is a fight all over the internet about this and people claim that these are lies. There are flared tempers on both sides. What is the truth???? If I can get a 36mo Sentra S for $90/mo, I am getting 4 this weekend.

  2. Oh yeah almost forgot that you asked about Number1Leasing. I inquired about the Sentra lease with them and a guy named Daniel Efraimov replied. He tod me one of the biggest red flags in leasing of any kind – “I am going to need a deposit.” I own an equipment leasing company and this is a bad sign. If this company takes deposits that it then keeps if you do not move forward with the deal they get for you, keep your readers away from them at all costs.

  3. Dean, I don’t think the $2500 is available for leasing. When Nissan doesn’t allow cash to be used with special financing, then 99% of the time, they won’t allow it on leasing (unless specified). In the Sentra’s case, the cash cannot be combined with special financing, so I highly doubt any dealer will honor it.
    In any case, unless I see someone’s contract with that rebate, I wouldn’t bother worrying about the rebate. For a car this cheap, there just isn’t much of a profit margin for them to be knocking off $2500 in addition to whatever the dealer gives.

    As for Number1Leasing, I do not want to write them off too easily since Daniel has been good about providing lease rates for us to use. However, I’m not a big fan of deposits so totally understand where you are coming from. I will monitor the situation and discuss this with Daniel to see what he says. Maybe they will waive it for the readers of this site? Who knows. Anyway, there’s probably more to come regarding this subject so stay tuned.

    update: regarding the lease, you could get the 2500 if you were to use a third party bank, but the MF wouldn’t be as attractive probably. something to think about should you choose to take advantage of the cash rebate.

  4. Dean,

    Dont bad mouth me or the company I work for by trying to deter people or referrals away from me. You were unrealistic and you were told so by more than just myself. I was still polite, courteous and helpful to you. I extended great customer service to you and you should acknowledge that. If you feel otherwise, I will give you my permission to post any email you felt reflected that. Yes I asked you for a 1 deposit on an order of 4 cars, which you didnt agree to. I asked you to submit a credit application, which you didnt do. How am I supposed to see any seriousness or commitment from someone like that. Im not here to feed my competitors business.

    G, thanks for you kind words and support. You are welcome to any of our correspondences for this or any customer that might ever complain about my services.

    Harry, GTR is .0023 and 60% for 36/15k

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