What’s Going On – March 2011

Hello everyone! As you probably noticed, it’s been a solid five months since I posted an announcement. Part of the reason is because I didn’t really have much to say, so I figured I’d focus on helping folks with their leases and get those lease rates out there for your leasing enjoyment.

However, this month I have some important things to announce, so I will get right down to it.

Thank You
First of all, I want to thank all of you for your support these past three years. If you did not know, RIDE with G will be celebrating it’s 3rd birthday on March 12th. It’s been a fun ride thus far and I have no reason to stop so lets make year “Three” a great one.

March and April
I will probably be busier than usual during March through April, so I might not be as active with emails, discussions and comments. However, I will still be providing you with the lease rates. I got a lot going on right now, so I hope you guys can help each other out a bit more. Thanks!

Last but not least, I would like to talk to you about…

My general policy has always been that I DO NOT take requests on lease rates. It is simply too difficult and there are some requests that are on cars that aren’t exactly in high demand, which makes it that much harder to find. I don’t want to sound like a jerk, nor am I trying to be one. But I cannot and will not take requests because I don’t have the time. Please understand that I do not withhold numbers from you. Which is why what you see posted is what I have. I know more people will ask, but I am just letting you know in advance that I will no longer respond to requests.

4 thoughts on “What’s Going On – March 2011

  1. I’m a HUGE follower of this site so thx in advance for all the info. Anyways, submitted an online request last Thurs to BestBuyleasing, nothing until Saturday I get a call asking the same info I already provided. Its now Monday afternoon and I called and they still do not have a quote for me. I’m not sure why you are promoting them so well and their site talks about the turn-a-round time, but this is not a good way to start. Unfortunately I will have to stick with the local dealers…… dissapointed.

    • Thanks for the feedback Matt. Sorry to hear you having difficulties with them. I will pass your message along to one of the managing partners. Do you happen to know the name of the person who contacted you?
      Anyway, I have been promoting them because they have been very good about providing me with lease rates for all of us to use in our negotiations and calculations. However, this is of great concern to me because it’s a major letdown to hear that their turn-around time is so poor. Anyway, I will definitely voice my concerns with them and see what they will do to improve things. Thanks again for the feedback.

  2. Thx G. I finally actually got the email tonight from BestBuy Leasing. The payment I must say with right on VERY competative and I’m very pleased with that!! It’s a change not having to deal with all the hassle of some idiot salesmen who cant even sneeze without speaking to their manager first. Now I’m just waiting to finalize the sale of my car. So I do love the hassle free direct quote from BestBuy Leasing, and won’t hold this delay against them this time. Although the payment is perfect, my one question is they have a DP that includes first month, aquisition, and doc fees etc. Now if I subtract the aquisition fee and 1st month, is $500 normal for doc and dealer fee?

    • @matt. glad it worked out. Doc/Dealer fees are up to the dealer’s discretion. I was under the impression that brokers didn’t charge dealer/doc fees. Then again I could be wrong. In any case, some states cap the doc/dealer fees while others charge around $500 or so. It all depends on where you live.

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