2011-2012 Infiniti Lease Rates – July 2011

IFS drop the residual values for many of their 2011 models this month. To compensate, money factors were also decreased. On average, the residual drop has been about 2%, which isn’t too bad. The bad news is that the EX got smacked with a whopping 4% drop in residual value. What IFS didn’t do was drop the MF enough to offset that loss due to depreciation. What IFS did do was throw two cash rebates at the car ($500 and $2000) to sweeten the lease. One is loyalty lease cash ($500) and the other is dealer cash ($2000) which can be used on a lease. For most non-IFS customers only the dealer cash will apply.

$3500 cash incentive is for any remaining 2010 model. $1000 is available for 2011 models. Calculations below should still apply.

1.9% financing is available for all 2011 Infiniti models for those of you looking to buy instead. G sedans and coupe only get about $1000 in incentives.

Here is a sample calculation based on TrueCar’s Southern California sale price and do not include local taxes. Please note that your dealer calculations may vary due to local fees/taxes.

MSRP – $46,645
Sale Price – $41,285
Monthly – $495+ tax
RWG Rating – 92.6

For Dealer Quotes, Click Here.

36 month | 15k miles | residual 57% | .00076 base money factor

36 month | 15k miles | residual 57% | .00067 base money factor

36 month | 15k miles | residual 59% | .00091 base money factor

36 month | 15k miles | residual 58% | .00058 base money factor

36 month | 15k miles | residual 58% | .00083 base money factor

36 month | 15k miles | residual 55% | .00058 base money factor

36 month | 15k miles | residual 59% | .00076 base money factor

36 month | 15k miles | residual 60% | .00086 base money factor

36 month | 15k miles | residual 59% | .00076 base money factor

36 month | 15k miles | residual 53% | .00072 base money factor

36 month | 15k miles | residual 51% | .00072 base money factor

36 month | 15k miles | residual 52% | .00076 base money factor

36 month | 15k miles | residual 49% | .00086 base money factor

36 month | 15k miles | residual 58% | .00146 base money factor

36 month | 15k miles | residual 59% | .00146 base money factor

36 month | 15k miles | residual 57% | .00138 base money factor

36 month | 15k miles | residual 53% | .00174 base money factor

36 month | 15k miles | residual 56% | .00146 base money factor

36 month | 15k miles | residual 54% | .00220 base money factor

50 thoughts on “2011-2012 Infiniti Lease Rates – July 2011

  1. G

    In your opinion what are the best $400 (excluding taxes) sign and go leases available right now? I think the TL qualifies but any others I am missing?


    • @ian. Do you mean $400-$500 range with taxes, exactly $400 + tax, which is more like low-mid $400s?
      Looking at entry-level luxury, I think most cars (BMW, MB, Infiniti, Lexus, Acura) are around the $400-$500 range with $0 due at signing. The key is really how well they are equipped. Doing a $0 drive-off generally requires that we add approximately $1500 to $2000 into the cap cost (Lets meet in the middle and assume it’s $1750).

      Lets take the TL as an example, this is what we would be looking at.

      MSRP $36490
      Sale $34317 (with $1000 rebate) + ($1750 drive-off costs)
      Monthly $431 + tax

      Depending on your local sales taxes, you could be adding anywhere from $30-$40 more per month.

      Now lets take a look at the G37 Journey Sedan

      MSRP $39405
      Sale $36281 (+ $1750 drive-off costs)
      Monthly $407 + tax

      In this case, the G37 looks like it’s closer to what you’re looking for.

      I don’t think the 3-series, c300 or the A4 will even come close to this. I know the c300 will need to be leased on a 48-month term in order to make the numbers look more attractive. But that opens up “wear-n-tear” issues.

    • I think its too low for a 2012 model to be honest. Plus the MF sucks. The M37x looks like a pretty good deal tho. TrueCar showing 12% off MSRP. That could translate into a pretty sweet lease for a 50k+ car.

  2. G,

    Thanks for the ideas. The G37 is nice but I found it a bit cramped when I sat in one. I’m bigger boned 🙂 The idea of leasing really appeals to me cos I get bored every 2 to 3 years. However I’d like something nice if I am going to spend $400. $400 us usually what I pay when I purchase a car. It’s my comfort level. Cars I like are the Ford Edge, Jeep Wrangler, Infiniti EX35, Acura RDX. I’m used to that higher seating position.
    It seems the American companies do not lease well. I may be forced to buy a Wrangler if I want one.
    To be honest I’m torn between a luxury car with lots of toys and the Jeep.

    • If you need something big, try the Jeep Grand Cherokee. If you check the Jeep section of the site, you will notice that “adam” was working on a 39mo/12k lease for $439 (with tax) with $2600 due at signing. He had $1200 in negative equity, so my guess is that if you did a $0 drive-off on this, it would run you in the mid-$400s. Worth an inquiry. Also, check out the Honda Pilot if you need something big. I know it isn’t pretty, but $400s with $0 drive-off seems very realistic to me. RDX lease rates look decent this month, but I’m not so sure the sale price will allow a $400ish payment with $0 drive-off.

  3. Can anyone confirm the $3500 rebate on the 2011 G37 convertibles? A local dealer claimed the rebate is $1000. Edmunds also says $1000 but does say there is a $3500 rebate on remaining 2010 convertibles.

    • @Terry. Sorry for the confusing. The dealer is correct. $1000 for the 2011 convertible and $3500 on any remaining 2010. I misread the model year. I have made the changes on the site. Thanks for bringing this up.

  4. Any info on the M37 rwd with premium? Noticed infinti is pushing a lease deal on them. I want to see the base MF and residual on it to be able to negotiate better.

    Advertised Lease Deal

    $579 per month for 39 months with $2,999 down payment

    Note: M37 RWD with Premium Package

    Expires: 08/01/11

    • @jesal. I don’t have lease rates on the RWD. But CarMan on Edmund’s forums posted this yesterday “39 month lease of a 2012 M37 RWD Sedan with 12,000 miles per year are .00148 and 56%”.

      My guess is that the 36-month lease will be 1% higher and the MF should be the same as the AWD at .00138)

      The advertised deal looks crappy if you ask me. Here’s my estimate based on TrueCar numbers in the SoCal region:

      M37 – Premium + Tech + Kick Plates + Mats
      MSRP $54,820
      Sale $47,847
      Monthly $556+ tax
      About $2000 due at signing.

      Keep in mind that if the MSRP goes up, so will your payments.

  5. On edmunds it says there is $1,000 marketing support available (G37) for purchase or lease, but my sales person is telling me it is only for purchase. Quite frustrating. I do not qualify for loyalty incentive. His offer is about 6% discount from sticker thus $465 per month (not incl. taxes). $44135 MSRP for $41,500. I’m coming up with about $456 with the calculator. Supplies are pretty tight out there for the G and my second choice, the ’12 TL SHA with tech.

    • @brent. edmunds says the cash to dealer works for leases. But cash to dealer is used at dealer discretion, so you may have to talk to another dealer that may be willing to part with it on a lease. Availability is definitely an issue right now, but I hear things are turning around a little bit. Did you get a quote on the TL SHA yet?

  6. Hows this deal sound.

    G37x journey sedan with premium and navi.
    12k year, 39 months, 9 MSD and tax upfront. $398 a month

    Sounds like they selling me the car at MSRP right? $42,292

    • @jesla. I really can’t tell since we don’t have the essential numbers (MSRP, Sale Price, Money Factor, Residual) being used in the calculation. Also, how much of a MF reduction did you get for the 9 MSDs?

  7. I put a deposit down on the g37x. I don’t have the paperwork in front of me but the MSPR was about $43k. No cap cost reduction, monthly payment 459 before taxes; 10k miles, 36 months. Discount off MSRP was about 6%. I don’t qualify for loyalty incentives. I don’t think the deal was stellar but not too bad, particularly compared to every other $43k car! Lots of car for the money. he said your money factor wasn’t right, but i can’t remember what he used off hand…

    The acura shawd tech quote was stupid, $515 no cap cost / before taxes / 36 mo / 10k miles (MSRP also about $43k)….i told them about my infiniti deal and got them down to 485 per month but the car didn’t really inspire me and my experience at the dealership was horrible (come on, i’m an existing acura customer at the end of a lease!). It drove a little more aggressively than the infiniti, but i give it a 7/10 on the looks scale; the technology and the driving experience was pretty good tho.

  8. @BC. The RWG rating is based on the assumption that a good monthly payment approximately is 1% of the vehicles MSRP. Then I take into consideration the term length and how many miles you get for that payment. You get penalized a little for having a 12k lease vs a 15k. The key isn’t just to get the most car for the money, but also being able to put as many miles you can on it too. After all, we lease them so we can drive them, not sit on our driveways.

  9. @brent. Interesting how your dealer discredits my numbers which comes from a broker that has access to IFS numbers. Nevertheless, I’d be inclined to believe him is his numbers are better. Otherwise, I’m going to assume mine is the right one and he is padding his to make a profit. 6% off MSRP isn’t a lot I’m pretty sure your area has decent demand for the AWD model so big discounts will be tough to come by. Overall, its a bit high for a G37, but you don’t qualify for any rebates and availability is limited so I am not surprised. I would recommend shopping this quote around a bit (if you haven’t done so already) to see if someone is willing to beat it.

    I hear you on the TL. Not a huge fan of the looks. It is a little better looking than the 2011, but not a big fan.

  10. In June for my area, the average discount was 6.7% vs my 6% discount, or about $312 difference. I forgot to mention they are buying my TL which has one $450 payment remaining, plus tabs are due which would run about $320. In terms of the mf, I have so many scenarios in my spreadsheet that I mistakenly forgot to update he July terms, oops. I also had to get this car shipped from an out of star dealer because of the supply issues. I feel ok about the deal. Thanks for all the help with the website!

  11. G,

    What do you think of this deal.

    2011 G37x Coupe Prem Pkg
    $2100 (bank fee, first month and so on).
    12k/ yr

    $415/ 39 months

    They are going to take back my 2008 G37 Coupe with 4 months left on the lease without rolling it into this one. Its under 6500 under the mileage with slight wear and tear.

    • @ashe, what’s the sale price? Drive-off seems kinda are frew hundred high. Also, if you are 6500 under, why don’t you try selling it as trade-in? Could be worth something. Mine was 5000 over with 3 months and I got $1.1k back! Check out Trade-In post for more info.

  12. @ G I will have to get the sale price. Bank Fee is $700 (yeah I know that is a little higher). I honestly don’t want to go through the hassle of selling it since the rear bumper had been repainted and the paint job was less than perfect they would not charge anything. I took the 08 lease over form a guy and it was beat up for a year old car, this is why I am not pushing it. When I comparison shopped I was getting around 450ish from other dealers. I may beat them up a little on the fees but I will see.

    The dealership is owned by a friend and he told them to work out a better deal than a normal customer.

    • @ashe. I still think looking into a possible trade-in could be beneficial, but if you are happy with the deal then you should go with it. The deal look very good regardless so no worries.

  13. Thanks G, U will look into the trade in and see what I get I think I can do that on my 2009 Honda Accord which is due back in Dec.

    • @Ashe, make sure you try to trade in the car a few months before it’s due. Sometimes banks don’t let you sell the cars if they expect to get them back from you soon.

  14. G, Thanks for all of the great information. I am close on deciding between the TL and the G37x. Here is the deal currently on the table:

    Trade in my 06 Passat, owe $11.6k offered $12k. These cars have a poor resale but this was good for tax savings (credit) in NJ.

    MSRP: $40,445
    Sales Price: $37,790 (w/ destination)
    $1,500 down including first payment tags, bank fees, etc.
    39 mos lease $423 per month.

    They are also offering me the same package in a demo car w/ 3k miles on it for $399 for 39 mos.

    Would appreciate your insight, any additional savings out there? The dealer wouldn’t budge on the sales price of the car and I waiting on the sales price of the demo to verify that deal too.

    • @ron. Do you plan to keep the car after the lease ends? If so, get the new one. Otherwise, the demo may not be a bad idea. The dealer probably won’t budget because of the availability. Some dealers have more inventory than others and those who are in short supply probably don’t know for sure when and how many cars they will be getting. In any case, your dealer is good so I would pull the trigger. The demo isn’t bad either. If money is a big deal to you, I would go with the demo if it looks like it’s in pristine shape. If $24 bucks a month is worth having a brand new car, go with that instead.

  15. @ G I hear you… weirdest thing happened today. The dealership from which the 08 G37 came from called me to discuss the end of my lease. I told him I had an offer pending and then he said if he could go $395 a month with the same terms as the pending deal I would go there instead. I said I would … he stated he will call me later.

    I wouldn’t mind an additional $20 savings a month.Which would be a net of 40 a month less than the 2008 model I currently have.

    I am starting to suspect that the reason they are being so aggressive is the possibility of a new body design for the G37 for 2012?

  16. I haven’t heard about a redesign for the 2012 model year. 2012 sedans usually come out sooner than the coupe. I think sedan is in the fall and coupe in around winter. In any case, I’m pleasantly surprised that they are willing to cut prices so much. There is HOPE for good leases after all.

  17. Pulled the trigger last night on the demo w/ delivery next week.

    Liquid Platinum w/ Graphite interior
    Premium Package
    w/ 1,161 miles

    $1,500 (including first payment, tax, tag, etc,)
    $376 per month
    12k lease (decided on the lower miles).

    Thanks again for your help

  18. @Ron. Congrats on the new car Ron! Glad you got the car with slightly less miles on it. Good call on the demo. I think it made a better financial choice!

  19. G, here are my final numbers:

    G37x Coupe
    Shadow Graphite / Graphite
    Premium Package

    $1800 down covers all fees and first month.
    $415 month

    Thanks for your input.

    • @ashe. good deal! Congrats on the new ride. I kinda miss my G37 coupe right now, but I don’t miss filling it up. Haahaa. Post some picks on my Facebook page or you send email them to thewall(at)ridewithg.com so I can make a post out of it!

  20. Hey! I’m wrapping up a deal on a 2011 G37s Coupe with Premium. MSRP of $43,970. I am currently getting $300 over invoice ($40175). I am looking at leasing it for 39 months/15k. I live in Texas so all the taxes (6.25%) are added to the cap cost. I am getting a residual from the dealership of 58% and a Money Factor of .0009. The lease according to the dealer is $531. It seems a bit high. Tomorrow I plan on contacting the dealer to get him to give me the $1000 incentive on the G37 coupe. This would put the payments right around $503. Does this sound like a good deal, or should I risk it and hope that August’s residual and MFs will be better?

    Thanks guys!

    • @maleeh. Sound about right. What makes this expensive is the taxes on 100% of the sale price, but the $1000 loyalty rebate should help. I don’t expect Aug numbers to change. Your sale price could improve next month if they start getting more cars. I typically see the G37 selling for invoice or below, but that all depends on availability.

      And yes, the loyalty cash is only for current owners.

  21. Also is that $1000 incentive only for Loyalty? Edmunds says that its only if you currently have an Infiniti.

  22. Hi G,

    A local Infiniti Dealer I am working with is saying that the residual on the Infiniti G37 Journet Sedan is actually 56% not 58%. Can you confirm? They are also saying that the rebate is not applicable on a lease which is contradictory to what is stated above. Thank you for your help!
    (One is loyalty lease cash ($500) and the other is dealer cash ($2000) which can be used on a lease)

    • @matt. The residual posted is what I got through a broker with dealer connections. I don’t know why your dealer’s numbers are different, but I recommend that you call around to double check. The rebates I was talking about on the post relate only to the EX. The G37 Journey has $1000 loyalty and $1000 dealer marketing. If you are existing Infiniti customer, you should qualify for the loyalty. The dealer marketing is pretty much “at their discretion”.

  23. @G. See the thing is that I’m not a current Infiniti owner, therefore I would not qualify for the $1000 rebate. So are there any incentives or rebates for the 2011 G37 Journey Coupe that I could use? Wanted to clarify as I’m going to the dealership tomorrow.

    Thanks for your time!

    • @maleeh. I don’t see any incentives for non-existing IFS customers at the moment. There is marketing cash, which is used at dealer’s discretion. Unfortunately, dealers have been unwilling to part with that on leases. Your best bet would be to try to negotiate the lowest sale price possible. You can also try MSDs (multiple security deposits) to drop the residual value. That means you have to put more cash upfront, but it’s money you get back at the end of your lease.

  24. G,
    Thank you for the additional information. I will call around to verify this dealers quote on the residual. Also I will inquire about the $1000 dealer marketing. Do they usually reserve this for customers in their specific city or county?

    They also stated that in MD even with a 36 month lease I have to pay taxes on the entire purchase price?

    Thanks for all of your help!


    • @matt. That is correct. MD, IL and TX are all states that tax on 100% of sale price. Marketing cash could be regional though, you can log on to Edmunds to check to see if it’s available in your area. If it is, you can negotiate a sale price that takes that rebate into consideration and see if the dealer is willing to budge.

  25. @G. Thanks for all the advice. I plan to get at least a $1000 below my current cap cost by using the $1000 Marketing Cash along with the few hundred dollars over invoice the car is currently being sold to me. Do you think this is possible?

    • @maleeh. I think anything is possible, however, I don’t see why a dealer will give you the full $1000 in marketing cash if they can sell the car to someone else without having to. It all depends on the circumstance they are in and how eager they are to sell the car.

  26. @G. My dad is interested in the 2011 FX35 RWD. What is the residual and MF for that car? I only see the residual and MF for the AWD.

    • @maleeh. If you don’t see what you are looking for, that means I don’t have those numbers. You will probably need to talk to your local dealer and see if they are willing to share those with you.
      On a different note, I think it’s safe to say that the RWD model will probably have a residual value a few % points lower than the AWD. AWD models typically have higher residuals.

  27. @G. Thanks for all your help! We plan on signing the lease or finance papers before Saturday. I’ll keep you posted.

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