The Wall: Jeff’s 2012 BMW 135i Coupe

Name: Jeff
Location: N/A
The RIDE: 2011 Jet Black BMW 135i

BMW 135i 2012 Jet Black
M Sport
Premium Package
Heated Front Seats
MSRP was $46,625
Sale price: $42,500

Monthly payments $466.65 + tax


Cool Ride Jeff! Looks like someone didn’t want their picture taken. Haahaa. Really surprised your dealer gave you such a hefty discount (almost 9%!) on a 2012 model. I am a bit bummed that BMWFS has chosen to drop the residuals on the 1-series so much, but overall, not a bad lease.

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6 thoughts on “The Wall: Jeff’s 2012 BMW 135i Coupe

  1. Nice ride and the price seems very fair for a loaded 135i. How is the ride quality on those wheels? Im in the NYC area and would love to pick up a z4 or 135i with 18’s. Also did you get the DCT?

  2. I tried putting these numbers into the rwg least calculator, and end up with a monthly payment almost $100 greater than the one stated. Can you help me figure out how to calculate his arriving at a$466 payment?

    • @travis. I believe cap reduction was applied but not stated. That could be the reason why you can’t replicate the deal. Assuming Jeff did a 36mo/12k lease, I’m get $466 if I assume he paid all inception fees up front and put about $700-800 down towards cap reduction.
      Now, if he was a returning BMW customer, he would have qualified for the 0.0003 loyalty reduction and would have only needed $500 in cap reduction plus inception fees (I’m guessing maybe $2500 up signing) to get the $466 a month payment.
      Another scenario would be MSDs. Jeff didn’t specify which option he went with so it’s tough to say. Never the less, his deal is pretty good for a 2012 135i.

  3. @G, posts about people’s deals are useless if we don’t know the cap cost reduction / down payment.

    • @AC. Unfortunately, that’s all that was provided. It would have been nice to get the whole picture, but at the very least, it was nice seeing the car.

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