The Wall: Spicy Mikey’s Daughter’s 2012 Acura TL Tech

Name: Spicy Mikey
Location: Florida
The RIDE: 2012 Black Acura TL with Tech

2012 TL Tech Graphite/Taupe
Accessories: Splash Guards and Side Molding
MSRP $40,581
Sell Price: 36,600
Trade in Equity: $1500 (09 TL Tech)
Deal Price: $35100
Terms: 36m/15k
Payment: $490/mth tax inc. (6.5% sales tax paid monthly)


My dad gave me my first laptop back in 2003! I know it doesn’t compare, but I tried. Haahaa. The car looks so much better without that giant “beak”. Your daughters are very lucky girls to have a dad like you. If they disagree just show them the monthly bill. Haahaa. Overall, excellent deal. Trade-in equity covered the drive-off. $1500 dealer cash dropped the sell price below invoice. Pretty much what I highlighted on this August 2011’s Acura post. Can’t wait to see what your other daughter is getting as a replacement to the 2009 Lexus IS250.

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3 thoughts on “The Wall: Spicy Mikey’s Daughter’s 2012 Acura TL Tech

  1. Thanks G. Yes that was a good deal. Better than the G I got for my other daughter. Invoice minus $1000 dealer cash minus $750 loyalty cash. The TL is a great car. By the way, that $490 was a sign and drive deal also. If I paid cash for the starts the payment would have been closer to $440

    By the way, I think Edmunds is showing that Acura up’d the ante a bit for August and is now giving $1500 dealer cash. People can probably do even better this month

    • @SpicyMikey. $1500? Is that in two rebates? I’m seeing $1000 plus another $500. Then another $750 for in loyalty cash. Unfortunately, another reader (Andy, see Acura post for this month) is reporting that the $500 isn’t available.

  2. In August, I traded in a 2010 TSX lease with around $900 in equity. Paid $1,500 down, and drove off with a 2012 TL with Tech package (Graphite and ebony) for $438/month tax included.

    I was paying $466/month for my 2010 TSX so overall it was a great deal with a great upgrade for me!

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