The Wall: G’s First Brokered Deal! 2012 Subaru Legacy Premium

As I stated on the title, today, I brokered my first lease! I actually had been working on it the last 3 days, but my “clients” made the final decision and took delivery of their new car tonight! Very fun experience for me.

Name: Mr & Mrs M
Location: California
What They Got:

2012 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Premium
36mo/12k per year
2-year maintenance included
all-weather mats included (freebie add-on)
rubber cargo tray included (freebie add-on)
free car washes

What It Cost:

MSRP $24,336
Sale Price $21,400
Fees rolled in $595 (bank fee)
Due at Signing including 1st months payment $578 (1st month, DMV, dealer doc, tire tax)
Monthly payment (incl 8.75% tax) $270
RES: 55%
MF: 0.00025

My Take: I was negotiating multiple deals for different cars, but we ultimately narrowed it down to three cars: 2012 Sonata GLS, 2012 Altima S and the 2012 Legacy Premium. The Legacy won out because of the AWD and as Mr. M put it, “It just felt right”. The deal I brokered came in with RWG rating of 96.3, which I thought was very aggressive. I managed to take $1000 of the $1250 available dealer cash, which I thought was more than fair. Dealer cost came in at about $22100, which means I got about $700 below that. Of course, with the $1250 in dealer cash, the dealer still came away with about $550 plus month-end volume sales incentives. All in all, a pretty fair deal if you ask me. I also got about $140 bucks of freebies (cargo tray and all weather mats) as a throw in plus car washes.

How did I do with the Sonata and the Altima you ask? Pretty darn good if you ask me!

2012 Sonata GLS – $0 drive-off. $247 a month with 8.75% sales tax.
2012 Altima S – $0 drive-off. $271 a month with 8.75% sales tax.

6 thoughts on “The Wall: G’s First Brokered Deal! 2012 Subaru Legacy Premium

    • Thanks B! Mr and Mrs M are family so I didnt actually get paid. But it was a good experience to go out there and negotiate on behalf of someone. The good news is that I might have someone willing to share Subaru numbers with me.

    • Thanks for asking for my services. Unfortunately, I don’t have my broker license, so I cannot officially broker a deal. I did this for my family though, so I didn’t get “paid”. My sister did give me a gift though. I do have plans to become a broker, however, I will probably just be licensed here in California. So if you aren’t in CA, the only thing I can offer you is my opinion on the deal you are trying to get.

  1. G looks like a great deal. I am wondering if you got any numbers on the BRZ with your contact now? (or have anything on the SCION twin model) Thanks!

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