2012 Acura Lease Rates – April 2012

No change for April. 2012 RDX is on it’s way out. It will be replaced by a 6-cylinder version that’s more fuel efficient. Overall, I think Acura is struggling with sales, so it’s a good opportunity for you to get a good deal one. TL dealer cash is still the same as last month. RDX gets $1000. TSX has about $500 and ZDX has around $2000.

The RDX looks promising as it hovers just below the 90 RWG rating I normally recommend for leases. It wouldn’t really take much effort on your part to get this lease into the 90+ territory (an additional $100 off the sale price easily gets you into the 90+ RWG territory).

In addition to the RDX, I crunched numbers for the ZDX out of curiosity…this truck is getting $2000 in dealer cash right now. TrueCar is indicating about 10.5% off MSRP in SoCal region. The dealer cost is somewhere around 14.7% (includes the $2000 dealer cash plus holdback). If I were in the market for this truck, I’d shoot for somewhere in between 10.5% and 14.7%. The ZDX has a lot of potential this month.

Here is a sample calculation based on TrueCar’s Southern California sale price and do not include local taxes. Please note that your dealer calculations may vary due to local fees/taxes.

MSRP – $33,780
Sale Price – $30,412 ($1000 dealer cash applied)
Monthly – $374+ tax
RWG Rating – 89.9

MSRP – $46,905
Sale Price – $41,000 ($2000 dealer cash applied + some holdback; about 12.6% off MSRP)
Monthly – $472+ tax
RWG Rating – 96.3

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2012 Acura MDX
36 Month – Residual 54% of MSRP – .00090 Base Rate

2012 Acura MDX TECH
36 Month – Residual 52% of MSRP – .00090 Base Rate

36 Month – Residual 55% of MSRP – .00092 Base Rate

2012 Acura RDX AWD TECH
36 Month – Residual 53% of MSRP – .00092 Base Rate

36 Month – Residual 57% of MSRP – .00064 Base Rate

36 Month – Residual 57% of MSRP – .00064 Base Rate

36 Month – Residual 52% of MSRP – .00016 Base Rate

36 Month – Residual 56% of MSRP – .00114 Base Rate

36 Month – Residual 54% of MSRP – .00114 Base Rate

13 thoughts on “2012 Acura Lease Rates – April 2012

  1. Been trying to negotiate a 36-month, 12k mi/yr lease on a 2013 RDX.

    Best offer on the Tech FWD was $1,000 off MSRP, 60% residual, and 0.00190 MF for Super Preferred.

    Residual for the Base FWD quoted at 63% for the same terms, but have to wait until mid to late May for delivery.

    Acura’s strategy here is delusional. They launch the 2013 RDX insanely early, move the model ~$2k-3k upmarket relative to the outgoing, then only make the Tech models available with another $3,800 bump and a 3% worse residual. I understand the goal of making early adopters pay the premium, but it’s an utter fail for attracting new buyers to the brand like me. All 4 dealers within 50 miles say that “They have a hot one on their hands,” yet after 2 weeks since first arrival, they all have exactly the same inventory of shiny new 2013 RDX Tech’s on hand. Roughly a dozen, with several having 100-200 miles on the ticker, hmmm. People looking, but not buying?? For me, the higher MF is a deal breaker, and seems to deflate whatever demand may actually exist. Unfortunately, there’s lots of 2012’s on the lot, so it seems like they’ll keep the MF higher on the early 2013’s until they thin those out a bit. A poor strategy if you ask me, since the 2013 RDX arguably marks Acura’s emergence from a serious bout with the fuglies throughout the lineup over the last 4 years. Maybe I’ll look again the next time around.

  2. Wish I would have found this site before doing my first lease. Just leased 2012 tl non tech, 12k miles a year, 475 month, drive off first month and plates only.

    • That’s not terrible since your drive off was only 1st month payment and DMV. Certainly had more potential though. Make sure you swing by the site on your next lease!

      • Yeah, I am a frequent lurker of your site and am glad I leased when I did. I had a 2010 TSX that I paid $2500 drive off and was $465 a month after taxes in February 2010. Then in August 2011 I had about $900 in equity on that car and put it towards a 2012 TL w/ Tech package and the wheel locks and trunk tray (this time after using your site and various resources) that I paid $1500 drive off and only $438/month after taxes. It’s like I’m getting so much more car for less money. Thanks G!

        • That’s awesome! I’m so glad you pulled off an even better deal for a better car! I love hearing stories like this! Thanks for sharing your experience!

    • yes, but I don’t have them. However, I am guessing they are about 2% lower than the base (see TL and MDX).

  3. I just leased a TL SH-AWD with manual transmission. According to multiple dealers I spoke to, the tech package on the SH-AWD takes the residual down to 51% (from 54%). Nonetheless, the sale price was $38.7K (lower than truecar.com) in the Cleveland, OH market. Fees included title ($33.50), doc ($250), upfront/etc ($16.25) and first month payment ($577.98). 36 month lease, 15K per year, factor of .00114.

  4. We are looking @2012 Acura MDX Advance Entertainment pkg (fully loaded)
    dealer offered: 36 month lease, 12K miles a year,
    no money down (except for taxes bank fees, etc) $595 month
    $1000 down $568
    $2000 down $ 538
    $3000 down $ 505
    do you think this is a fair deal?

    • actually just realized that we’re looking at the MDX Tech version with the navigation and entertainment pkg..
      same rates as I posted above..

      can u give me some guidance?

      • I know tech package is usually lower than base model, but I’m not 100% sure if tech is same as advance. per your response, it is.
        From the looks of it, it seems you are getting approximately Dealer invoice PLUS $1500 dealer cash. or about $1500 below dealer invoice.
        If that is the case, then that’s a good deal. I would take it. Just need to confirm with you if your payment quotes includes your sales taxes or not. If not, then the deal does change a bit.

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