The Wall: MD’s 2012 Volkswagen Passat

Name: MD
Location: DC Metro Area
The Ride:

2012 Passat S with Appearance Package

What It Cost:

Msrp: $23,460
Sale Price: 19,450+$625 Bank Fee=20075
Residual: 53%, 36 months @ 12,000 miles/yr.
MF: .0001
Payment: $223
Drive off costs: $1,050
state tax: $602.25
Security Deposit: $225
First Month’s Payment $223


My Take: Very good deal MD! low payments, big discounts. I’m happy to see VW dealers are willing to shave so much off the 2012 Passats right now. Looks like it’s clearance season. Congrats on the new car!!!

7 thoughts on “The Wall: MD’s 2012 Volkswagen Passat

  1. Hi,

    I just got a 2012 Passat S w/ appearance package. The terms were very similar.

    Payment: $199 + tax= $215
    Drive off: $573 includes 1st payment & registration


    • Hi Georges,

      Could you please share the name of the dealer and the sales rep you worked with you land that deal on your 2012 Passat S with Appearance package? I would very much like to replicate that deal.

    • Georges,

      Good deal! I just got the wife a 2013 Passat SE automatic. RWG calculator gave me 93ish.

      Pmt: $265 = 247 + tax
      Down: $500 included 1st month & tag

    • Thanks Georges for the info on the dealer. Too bad only 1 was available under that lease offer… Was it a prior sale? (You can tell by how much mileage was already on the car and if it already had license plates)

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