2012-13 Volkswagen Lease Rates – October 2012

Due to the tough economic times and higher gas prices in California and, the wife and I have been bouncing around the idea of buying out her 2010 Jetta Wolfsburg. Originally, we were looking to get into a Honda Pilot because we could always use the room, unfortunately for us, gas prices have climbed nearly a dollar since last Tuesday here in the LA/OC area, so that idea has quickly gone out the window. So now, we are looking at the possibility of buying out the Jetta (I can get 4-year loan for about 2.5% through my local credit union), which isn’t half bad. Or the alternative is to maybe shop for a Tiguan or GTI and lock in a 0% or 1.9% for 5-years. VW has very good financing terms available which is great if you are open to that.

Personally, think you can go either way. If you can get some significant discounts, these lease rates are actually VERY attractive as well.

Here is a sample calculation based on TrueCar’s Southern California sale price and do not include local taxes. Please note that your dealer calculations may vary due to local fees/taxes.

MSRP – $33,675
Sale Price – $30,060
Monthly – $361+ tax
RWG Rating – 92.0

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36 Month – Residual 51% of MSRP – .00006 Base Rate

36 Month – Residual 55% of MSRP – .00009 Base Rate

36 Month – Residual 54% of MSRP – .00020 Base Rate

36 Month – Residual 54% of MSRP – .00036 Base Rate

36 Month – Residual 55% of MSRP – .00064 Base Rate

36 Month – Residual 55% of MSRP – .00021 Base Rate

36 Month – Residual 55% of MSRP – .00028 Base Rate

36 Month – Residual 55% of MSRP – .00028 Base Rate

36 Month – Residual 52% of MSRP – .00091 Base Rate

36 Month – Residual 47% of MSRP – .00001 Base Rate

36 Month – Residual 58% of MSRP – .00045 Base Rate

36 Month – Residual 43% of MSRP – .00006 Base Rate

35 thoughts on “2012-13 Volkswagen Lease Rates – October 2012

  1. G,

    I just picked up a 2013 CC VR6 Executive at VW Cerritos. With a $2,750 lease bonus and the top model not selling well, I made out 🙂

    Here’s the numbers on 36/mo, 10k/mi lease:

    MRSP = $42,975
    Sale Price = $37,200
    Residual = 53%
    Money Factor = 0.00004
    Drive Off = $918.85 (1st & TTL)
    Monthly = $454 (includes tax)

    They got me somewhere, because your calculator said it was $422. But it’s still too good a value to pass up.




    • I’m getting $456 a month with (8.75% sales tax)
      Had to roll in your bank acquisition fee since it didn’t look like you paid it up front.
      The deal is solid. So you went to McKenna VW in Cerritos? Wow, last year I went there for a GTI and I was getting fleeced.

      I did get my wife’s Jetta from them, but at the Norwalk location where Audi/BMW/Porsche is located. I liked the sales guy there much better.

      • G, you’re right about the bank fee, thanks. I sent out emails up and down the state and VW Cerritos said they’d beat anybody’s deal — and they did (by $5/month).

        Not having keyless entry/go is lame for this car. And the automatic is slushy, but everything else is damn nice 🙂


  2. I just got into a 2013 Jetta GLI Autobahn manual transmission, here’s the deal, think I made out ok too?!

    36 month – 15k miles
    MRSP $27,025
    Sale Price $25,960
    Residual 55%
    Money Factor .00022
    Cash drive off $2500 (1st & TTL)
    Trade $1400 (Trade was worthless – needs $3k+ worth of work)
    Monthly $249.48 (includes tax as well)

    Just wanted to thank for providing this website!

    Best regards,


    • The deal was okay. Your drive-off was tad high and the discount could have been a bit more. You paid near invoice, which I think is fine, but you probably had a little bit more wiggle room. The good news is that you didn’t get taken to the cleaners on this deal. Have fun with the car, it should be a lot of fun!

      • Yea, I here you. I was only able to get $500 off the sales price, but the sales price also included the $625 acquistion fee, which brought it back up. Total cash toward the car was around $1630 and lease fees which included first month, reg, lic, ec was around $870, which totaled $2500.
        I knew the lease fee’s were high, but i wanted this car, and this was the better of all five deals I shoped in my area. Whats your opinion on lease fees??

        • typically, inception fees (1st month, dmv, dealer doc, bank acquisition) runs about $1500-ish and can be as high as $2000+ depending on the car. What is this ‘ec’ you are referring to?

          • ec was a typo. Is it best to pay the acquisition fee up front or include it in the sales price?

          • I always roll the acquisition fee into the gross cap cost. For example, Honda’s fee is $595… 595/36 month lease is $16.52 a month. Now I do pull-ahead lease with one year left on my lease and I end up not paying the entire fee. On the flip side, you’re monthly payment is slightly higher and rolling the fee into the lease causes your payoff quote to start out higher. As a long time reader, I believe G recommends paying it up-front but I always roll into the lease because I like sign and drive deals.

          • Thanks Jon & G., I appreciate the info.

          • Actually, I should probably explain my stance on the fees issues since it has changed a little bit since I started this site. I personally LOVE sign and drives as well. But I think when calculating a deal and how good it is, you shouldn’t take those fees into consideration because they are non-negotiable. Another reason for paying fees upfront is when the MF isn’t as low as you’d like. When you get leases that have a 0.00004 MF, rolling in fees makes sense.

  3. WARNING ABOUT McKENNA VW CERRITOS – The salesman told me they no longer provide a full tank of gas, so make sure you ask for it upfront.

  4. I looked at the Tiguan last year and ended up with a Honda CR-V, because the Tig’s cargo room seemed very small with the second row seats up.

  5. I am currently being offered a money factor of .00036 and a purchase price of $29,000 on a VW CC Sport Plus with an MSRP of $33,945. I am rolling in $1844 of NE and payment is coming to $405 with 6% sales tax and 1st month and title/doc fee upfront.

    Is the comparable interest rate I am being offered .864% (.00036 x 2400)? Seems like a good deal ATM.

    • It is likely that VW will drop the MF when the CC’s residual value drops. VW should be changing their rates again next month in preparation for the holidays. If you plan to roll some NE in there, it’s best to make sure the rate is as low as possible. On the other hand, 0.864% is pretty low.

  6. I dropped by my local VW dealer to see if they had any deals as I am thinking about replacing my ’02 A4 with 170,000 miles. It was the salesman’s second day and he didn’t know how to calculate leases but said they started a “sign & drive” promotion on 10/23/12. I asked him to calculate a lease on a Jetta. He had to leave to get his boss to help him but he left the lease details sheet on his desk.

    Most of the deals listed didn’t look great except for the one on a 2013 CC Sport & R Line that might be attractive:
    42 months
    12k miles/year (I think)
    Residual: 47%
    MF: .00001
    Bonus Lease Cash: $3,000

    Put those all together along with a 6.5% discount off of MSRP and I think the RWG is over 100.

    There was another model with $2700 cash incentive and a couple at $500, but I couldn’t read which ones they were.

  7. What do you guys think of this deal?

    2012 V6 Executive Touareg

    MSRP – $56395
    Sale Price: $47000
    Residual: 40% @ 15K (they are saying the residual came down from 41 to 40 for November)
    MF: 0.00009
    Monthly: $750
    First payment on VW and zero money down.



    • I think the discount is good and the MF is awesome. The issue I have is more related to the residual. Too low to make it good overall deal. However, I would consider doing this if the ultimate plan is to buyout the lease at the end.

  8. Hi G and everyone else,

    Thank you for this awesome website. It has absolutely been instrumental in me getting the best offer possible. I’m trying to finalize a deal on a 2013 Passat SE (no nav/sunroof), and i’m wondering whether this is a good deal or not. Any suggestions? Your feedback is much appreciated.

    MSRP: 26110
    Proposed Sale Price: 22575
    Cap Cost Reduction: 0
    Gross Cap Cost (rolling in acquisition fee of $625): 23200
    Residual: 55% / 14360.5

    12k / 35 months. There is a $1250 cash incentive going on right now + 1st month payment waived.

  9. Hi everyone,
    Just wanted to share my final lease agreement with everyone. I was excited about the deal I got, and I want to see what you think about it. G, your calculator was awesome btw, and it gave me a score of 104.8 so I think I came out ok! 🙂 I’ll be sure to pass on this website to others.

    MSRP: 26110
    Proposed Sale Price: 22250
    Cap Cost Reduction: 0
    Gross Cap Cost (rolling in acquisition fee and doc fee of $705): 22955
    Residual: 55% / 14360.5
    Other fees: $289 out-the-door

    12k / 35 months. 1st month payment waived.

  10. Hi G,
    I got the following deal:

    2013 VW Passat S manual,
    MSRP 21640
    Sales price 18860
    monthly payment before tax 189$, 0 down, 0 1st month. bank fee is included in the monthly payment. + additional 15$/mon excess tear and wear, 10k/yr
    54.4% residual value 11774 , 0.0004 MF. out the door 200+
    how about this deal? Thanks.

    • SC, not a fan of the 42 month because the car will be our of warranty for about 6 months plus extra registration costs.
      However, you got a very good sale price and payment so is always a good thing. Just take good care of the car and it should be fine by lease end. Congrats!!

  11. Just found out about your site. Super! I just want to share this deal that i got at the end of oct.

    2013 touareg sport with nav msrp 46900 (there is tow package). Selling price $40900. I got $500 off coupon from oc autoshow. I understand there was also $2000 vw rebate? Residual was 49% for 12k/year 36 mo. MF 0.00001. Price otd with oc tax $595/mo with zero drive off. 88 points using your score.

    • LT, do you plan to buy out the car at lease end? If so, this is an incredible deal. If not, it is still not bad at an 88 rating. Its just that the residual is low, so you end up paying more of the depreciation of the vehicle. Not a huge deal since you got a good chunk of discounts on the sale price. Congrats on the new ride!!!

  12. G,
    I m contemplanting on purchasing it. I ll see if the car is going to be reliable to keep. I ll also have to see the carmax value in 3 years and what vw will offer on the next gen touareg and phaeton. Overall i did a better job on the 13 lexus gs 350. Msrp 53538. 36 mo 12 k miles res 62% mf 0.00095. Rolled in with 825 neg eq. 615/mo and lfs paid the first month. Your pilot deal was spectacular.

    • Thanks LT. I was fairly please with the deal as well. I wanted to squeeze some free oil changes and all-weather mats out of the deal, but I didn’t really have another place to get this car (should I had to walk away) so I decided against it. Anyway about your VW, my wife had her Jetta for nearly 3 years now, it hasn’t had any electrical or mechanical problems. It did have some minor built-quality issues (inside door panel was loose), but it was fix without incident. I find that if you don’t load up your cars with a lot of tech and gadgets, you will have better luck keeping the vehicle long term. BTW, good job on the GS…those are very good numbers.

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