2013 Mercedes Benz Lease Rates – October 2012

Last month’s numbers were VERY good. This month, MBFS brought down the MF on some of their cars yet again!!! That means payments should drop even further on cars such as the C-Class! If you have been waiting for a C-Class, go visit your local dealer for a test drive.

Here is a sample calculation based on TrueCar’s Southern California sale price and do not include local taxes. Please note that your dealer calculations may vary due to local fees/taxes.

2013 Mercedes C250 Sport 4dr Sedan
MSRP – $36255
Sale Price – $31640 (may need the $750 loyalty cash to get this sale point)
Monthly – $348+ tax
RWG Rating – 99.5

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2013 Mercedes C300 4matic Sport 4dr Sedan
36 Month – Residual 59% of MSRP – .00087 Base Rate

2013 Mercedes C250 Sport 4dr Sedan
36 Month – Residual 59% of MSRP – .00120 Base Rate

2013 Mercedes C250 2dr Coupe
36 Month – Residual 63% of MSRP – .00129 Base Rate

2013 Mercedes C350 2dr Coupe
36 Month – Residual 62% of MSRP – .00160 Base Rate

2013 Mercedes C350 4matic 2dr Coupe
36 Month – Residual 62% of MSRP – .00160 Base Rate

2013 Mercedes CL550 4matic 2dr Coupe
36 Month – Residual 50% of MSRP – .00160 Base Rate

2013 Mercedes CLS550 4matic 4dr Sedan
36 Month – Residual 55% of MSRP – .00160 Base Rate

2013 Mercedes E350 Sport 4matic 4dr Sedan
36 Month – Residual 58% of MSRP – .00121 Base Rate

2013 Mercedes E350 2dr Coupe
36 Month – Residual 57% of MSRP – .00160 Base Rate

2013 Mercedes E350 4matic 2dr Coupe
36 Month – Residual 57% of MSRP – .00160 Base Rate

2013 Mercedes E350 2dr Convertible
36 Month – Residual 57% of MSRP – .00160 Base Rate

2013 Mercedes G550 4matic
36 Month – Residual 51% of MSRP – .00160 Base Rate

2013 Mercedes GLK350 4matic
36 Month – Residual 57% of MSRP – .00112 Base Rate

2013 Mercedes GL450 4matic
36 Month – Residual 61% of MSRP – .00160 Base Rate

2013 Mercedes ML350 4matic
36 Month – Residual 54% of MSRP – .00160 Base Rate

2013 Mercedes S550 4matic
36 Month – Residual 55% of MSRP – .00160 Base Rate

2013 Mercedes SLK350 Convertible
36 Month – Residual 59% of MSRP – .00160 Base Rate

2013 Mercedes SL550 Convertible
36 Month – Residual 55% of MSRP – .00160 Base Rate

25 thoughts on “2013 Mercedes Benz Lease Rates – October 2012

  1. October lease rates are posted for the new GL450, but nothing specific is posted for the GL350 BlueTec or the GL550 — are we to assume that the GL350 and GL550 have the same lease rates as the GL550? I would have thought these other vehicles had different residuals at the very least as in past model years, particularly the Diesel GL350 which lasts a very long time. I am taking delivery of a new 2013 GL350 in 2 weeks and was interested in knowing the “buy” rates for a 36 month lease in terms of residual value + lease rate or money factor. Thanks.

  2. TD. Please do not assume the numbers are the same or your calculations will be off. The reason they aren’t posted is because I don’t have them. Its recommended that you consult with your dealer to finalize your numbers. Unfortunately, I don’t have all the numbers needed for every one to workout a deal. Too many people, too many different tastes, not enough resources to get this type of information to everyone.

  3. Are the November lease rates available yet Mercedes, specifically their GL line?
    I am doing a deal later today for a 2013 GL350 Bluetec.

    • Per my post from yesterday, lease rates will likely be delayed due to Hurricane Sandy. My source is based in the Northeast and they have a major crisis on their hands at the moment. I ask everyone to be patient. If you need the numbers, please work with your local dealer directly.

  4. G,
    I have an offer of $500 + tax on a GLK 350. The sale price is $39455, which is 3K off list(I hope to do better) I am trying to figure if this is a good lease or not. The lease is a 36 month 12,000 per year with $1800 out of pocket. What do you think?

    • joe. I think it would good to knock of a bit more on the sale price. I feel $500 + tax is a bit steep. If it was $500 with tax, it would be much better.

  5. Hi G. Do you have any information on standard lease rates? I am interested in an ML63 and I am told standard lease rates apply but I can not find those rates anywhere… Could you please advise. Thanks.

    • JG. Standard MF is usually the one that starts with 0.002XX. If you flip back a couple of months back or maybe earlier this year, you should be able to spot it.

  6. I was offered a 2013 E350 4matic MSRP $60,195 for $541/month for 36 months with only the inception fees due at signing. I currently lease a car from this dealer, so there is likely some loyalty cash baked into the price. Is it a deal or can I do better? thx!

    • REIT, without getting into a specifics, it does look pretty good. It looks even better if you are looking at a $541 payment after taxes with only inceptions due at signing. However, without specifics, I can’t confirm. I’m seeing sale prices of 13.5% off MSRP on TrueCar so if you aren’t getting that, then you certainly has room to go down. If you are exceeding that, I’d go for it.

  7. Hi G,
    How does the following deal sound to you? 2013 ML350 4matic, MSRP $56.5k, Sale Price $50.8k, 36mo lease with 10k miles/yr. $5k down and monthly of $674 including tax. I am told the MF is .0021 and % residual is 57%

    • Hmmm I don’t like the MF. It’s too high. Last month, it was 0.0016, why on earth would MBFS bump it to .0021 during the holiday season? That defies logic. Shop around. The sale price is not bad though.

  8. I am having trouble getting similar prices from TrueCar than what you are showing. I understand that location has a lot to do with it so I tried a few. You mentioned that the e350 was had a sale price of 13.5% off MSRP; however, when I plug in a few options and a few locations (I am in the Boston area, but I tried Miami and LA) and I can’t seem to get a TrueCar price from a certified dealer of better than say 8% off. Am I missing something?
    1 example:
    2013 e350 4matic MSRP: $61,575 TrueCar Discount $4,446 (which turns out to be about $1k below invoice if that means anything).

    • You might be looking at the “guaranteed” discounts from TrueCar. If you look at the chart you can see the max discounts actual people have received, I think. TrueCar usually seems to put an average discount and “guarantees” it with their certified dealers. G or someone else can correct me if I’m wrong.

      • I agree with Adamn. I think you are looking at the guarantee price. I use TrueCar for one reason; previous month sales data. That gives me a good view of what’s possible in any region. Then I consider external conditions (time of the year, sales events, etc…) to estimate what a realistic sale price can be. I recommend calling/emailing dealers directly if you aren’t getting the quotes you want via TrueCar. You can typically go lower. For example, my friend just purchased a Grand Cherokee last week $6k off MSRP. That’s about 15.7% off! Oct data showed 12.2% as the lowest price. So as you can see, as you near the holidays, discounts get massive.

  9. Thanks Adam and G. I was in fact using the TrueCar guarantee price and I do see the different deals below that. However, don’t those deals include all rebates (even some that recently expired) and employee discounts (or other things that might not be available to the general public)? How can you tell what is a good sale price to shoot for or even attempt?

    • I suspect that the discounts in Nov should carry over to Dec so I don’t see a problem using Nov sales data to cut a Dec deal. If anything, I’d shoot below that and see what happens. The general rule i go by is shoot for slightly below the lowest price (assume all rebates apply to you unless told otherwise).

  10. I’d like to get your opinion regarding my recent lease on a 2013 GL450. From what I’ve read, there didn’t seem to be too much of a negotiation room on the new GLs since they’re selling pretty well, but here’s what I managed to get:

    MSRP – $70595 (P1, Parktronic, Running Board, keyless go)
    Sale Price – $66705 ($0 cap cost reduction)
    Fees Rolled In – $2220 ($1095 acquision fee + $1125 3ry maintenance)
    Term (in months) – 36
    % Residual – 63.7183937
    Money Factor – .00150
    % Sales Tax – 8.75
    Miles Per Year – 12000
    Payments = Base+Taxes + Fees = $909.12
    RWG Rating – 86.49

    One thing i missed was the $1095 acquision fee, when it should have been $795, and should have probably paid it up front. I went with the maintenance plan since it bumped up the residual from 63% and apparently making the money factor .00150 as well (or this could be from signing up with auto debit). It made only a $10/mo difference for 3 maintenance services. Without the plan, i was getting %63 residual with .00160 MF making the payments $899.99. Thoughts?

    • You are correct about the bank fee. Should be 795, but MB dealer almost ALWAYS bump it up. I think the maintenance was a good way to go because it lowered your MF and bumped up the residual. Overall, I think it’s a wash. I think it is within a lease-able range. I typically tell people that if your lease falls in the 85-89 RWG rating range, you can lease it, but know that you aren’t exactly getting the deal of the year. Below 85 is just a bad idea. 90+ is a definitive “go” and if you can break a 100, you would be a fool not to lease the car. You are within an okay range so it isn’t all that bad. Looking over TrueCar Nov nationwide sales data, you pretty much “below market” sale price, which is around invoice. Not bad.

  11. Hi G. Thanks for all the helpful information. I was offered a deal on a 2013 GL450 that I would like your opinion on. MSRP $74,080, 36mo, 12Kmi/yr, $6,005 up front which includes 1st month, all fees including taxes, tags, reg., $721/mo. They stipulated that they need the deal complete for the month of February.

    • Sorry for the delay SEB. Wow $6k up front seems like a lot. Did they specify how much you will pay for the car? You didn’t stay a sale price so I’m curious. Anyway, Nationally, the GL450 is getting about 6% – 6.5% off MSRP, which is “okay”. But with a MF of 0.00205, I wouldn’t even go near that SUV. Here’s my guess….I think they are giving you about 6%-7% or so off MSRP. But it requires cap reduction from you to keep the payments low…say about $4000-$4500. So the remaining $1500-$2000 in your down payment goes towards inception fees and what not. That should get you to about the $720ish. Please keep in mind this is a very loose estimate since I don’t have the numbers they use to calculate the payments more efficiently. The main problem here is the MF…super high in my opinion.

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