2013-14 BMW Lease Rates – July 2013

Aside from the 2014s numbers, I’m not seeing much in terms of changes for this month. Rather unusual for BMW numbers to remain the same for such extended period of time, but not unheard of. Wouldn’t be surprised to see the numbers change mid-month either. That’s certainly not uncommon for BMW to do either. I do have to say that the rates look pretty decent so the key is getting a competitive sale price. That’s usually the biggest challenge with BMWs because of the “extras” and the padding that sometimes happens when trying to lease one of these vehicles.

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19 thoughts on “2013-14 BMW Lease Rates – July 2013

  1. Is it common practice for dealer to mark-up money factor? I’m getting quotes of .00167.

    Looking to make a deal by end of month. Thanks.

    • The max markup from the buy rate allowed by BMWFS is .0004, so if the vehicle you are looking at has a posted buy rate of .00127 and the dealership is using .00167, they are marking up the buy rate to the maximum number. I don’t believe the buy rate is something that is offered to many customers since this is one of variables that a dealership can use to make some profit on the deal. On the flip side, I don’t know that the max markup is always used either and could be influenced by your credit and/or whether you have leased/purchased other vehicles from the dealership in the past.

  2. Thanks for the info. Guess I’ll have to negotiate sales price to save a little. They are not moving on the MF. Credit is excellent.

    • If you’re in the DC area, silverspring marks it up to the maximum & then drop it by 5 basis points but their prices and processing fees are very nominal/reasonable. Fairfax doesn’t markup MF but they do pad up the acquisition fee by $200 as seen in their ads & their processing fee is also steep at $399.

  3. In June the 2013 X3 had a higher residual than the 2014, for July the 2014 residual stayed the same. Maybe the 2014 x3 residual will improve next month now that most of the 2013’s have moved off the lots?
    Any guesses on if the residuals will improve for the 2014 x3 in September? I am hoping it goes from 54 to 57…

  4. Residual doesnt go up. It stays the same or goes down as cars depreciate. MF could go down to compensate for it.

    • Normally that would be the case, but look at June X3 compare 2013 to 2014 that shows they are playing around.

  5. 2014 335i xDrive Sedan Rates:
    I went to the dealership this morning (my lease will be up at the end of October and looking to do Euro Delivery). Got a VERY good salesman, so he and I shared all of our numbers openly (thankfully, they all matched), and he gave me printouts of the MSRP/Invoice pricing of everything on my model.

    As of July 13th, 2013 3 series models are no longer in production…2014 only. So, here are the numbers, as of today for my model:
    MF: .00127
    Residual: 58% (this was a disappointment for me, but not a surprise for the first month of a new model) — 36 Months and 15k miles

    My numbers look like this:
    $300 over invoice if I take delivery in the US (minus the deductions below)
    – $1,000 current incentive
    – $500 loyalty cash
    – $1,000 dealer cash for showing up today (didn’t know there was an event — just happened to go in today) [This is not available for Euro Delivery)
    $500 over Euro Wholesale (minus the deductions below)
    – $1,000 current incentive
    – $500 loyalty cash
    In either case, I have a MF of .00078 (due to the maximum MSD) and a residual of 58%
    US MSRP: $55,825
    Negotiated Price: $52,295 (including MACO and Training Fee [$300 & $180])
    Euro MSRP: $52,710
    Negotiated Euro Price: $49,150

    Hope this helps someone else — and G — I think I’m taking advantage of everything available…anything else you, or anyone else, can think of?


  6. Is this a great deal?

    BMW 328xdrive sedan
    Msrp 43025
    Selling price 37780
    Residual 61 percent for 15k
    Money factor 0.00071
    Bank 925

    Two rebates total 1500
    BMW ultimate drive
    Seven multiple security 2800
    Zero down

    Monthly 366.77 plus sales tax?

    • Hey Seanjinu,

      Have you been to bmwconfig.com to see what the invoice of that vehicle, with all of your options, is? I presume, based on the negotiated price (and knowing nothing else), that this is a 2013 model?

      Also, what are you paying up front? I prefer to pay all of my fees up front (Dealer Doc, MACO, Training, Bank…etc), so that I’m not paying any interest on them.

      SMART move on the MSDs — people don’t realize how great it is…you’re probably earning 9+%/yr (try earning that from a bank)!

      Overall, this looks like an awesome deal, but I’d need a bit more info to be sure…specifically knowing the invoice of the vehicle.

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