2013 Infiniti Lease Rates – July 2013

Most Infiniti models incurred a loss of residual value this month so IFS adjust the MF to keep the payments from going up. Infiniti is doing the pull ahead program for leases expiring through November 1st, 2013 (about 4 payments). They are also waiving the disposition feed of $395 and giving out $2500 loyalty cash on the G37. Not too shabby if you ask me.

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8 thoughts on “2013 Infiniti Lease Rates – July 2013

  1. I need help with my current predicament. I have a 2010 G37 convertible lease which is set to expire in March 2014. My lease is for 12k miles per year or 39k miles total. I’m already at 37,700 miles. I know i can ride it out and pay the 25 cents per mile at the end of the lease. I really want to try to avoid that though especially since I don’t plan on staying with Infiniti. Any advice?

    • If you are that close to your max miles, I say try to trade it in or ride it out and take the hit. Lease trading is pretty much off the table. Either way, you are going to take a financial hit so you might as well drive the car.

  2. Try privately selling it or seeing what carmax will give you. I’ve sold two acuras that were on pace to be over mileage and actually came out with more than the buyout was.

  3. Thanks Adam! So you recommend I try to take it there now or as the lease approaches the end? Looking at the blue book value now and the residual for the car + what i owe in payments I’m still quite a bit unerwater though.

    • You could get an offer from carmax now just to get a ballpark figure. But, I would say wait until you approach your lease end. However, the last acura i sold was only 20 months into a 36 month lease so…

      Usually (not that i have a crystal ball), the kbb value won’t change too drastically, and every time you make a payment you get closer and closer to that residual value. So you’re kind of playing the catch up game and hoping that your mileage doesn’t ruin the deal.

  4. Hi G, looking for some advice. I’ve currently got a 2-yr lease with 2012 G37 Journey from November 2011 (expiring in 3 months). My lease was for 10k miles/yr but now almost at the end of my lease I’ve only driven it a total of 8k miles and have kept it in really great shape.

    1) I was thinking of trying to buy the car after the lease expires and then immediately re-sell it because I assume the residual will be lower than the value of the car considering the lower mileage and condition. Does this seem like a good idea, or is there a better recommendation.
    2) If I don’t end up buying it, I had my eye on the Q50 coming out in a couple days (since I do love the G37). Do you think there will even be a good lease deal for that car since it’ll be so new?

    Thanks a lot!

    • 1) not a good idea. Unlike dealers, you are responsible for sales taxes. So that would essentially eatup most, if not all of your profit. Better to have a dealer facilitate a purchase by another person.
      2) normally, new models do not get lease support on the first month. Doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Just unlikely.

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