2013 Volkswagen Lease Rates – July 2013

Pretty much the typical residual/mf drop that is usually anticipated when lease rates change. There are a couple of exceptions though: Passat, Jetta, EOS, Touareg. These models got a MF increase. However, it is not all bad news if you plan on leasing one of those four models. Typically, when MFs go up, there’s usually some lease cash available to help keep payments around the same ballpark as the previous month. Take the Jetta for example, there’s “marketing” cash available on leases/retail purchases. The Passat has some lease cash too.

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10 thoughts on “2013 Volkswagen Lease Rates – July 2013

  1. Holy shido. VW financial is smoking. With their new Touareg program the OC CA monthly payment for 36-12 is around $118 higher than last month’s program.

    • Wow that blows. They better be discounting that SUV heavily or else I don’t see how they are moving that at a decent pace.

  2. I know. WTH they were thinking, right? Unless their stock is really low which is unlikely. On the bright side, i am very tempted to unload my touareg for another lexus as carmax actually offers me a surprisingly a number that not that far off from my payoff. Now i know why. I am tempted because even with the neg equity, i can get a more expensive gs for the same payment with the touareg now. But then we will have 2 gs at home. Nothing wrong with the touareg, just an itch.

    • LT, really digging the GS too. I am not much of a Lexus guy, but I’d go with the GS over the Touareg. BTW, thanks so much for your help answering reader questions. I’m really swamped right now with work, life and barely find time to sleep. Your help is greatly appreciated.

      • Hey, no worries about the postings. I have got a lot of info from here, too. Much appreciated.

        Pulled the trigger on GS. We now have an F sport and a “base.” For this posting, I use an email that I actually check. Feel free to ask me about GS and dealer recommendations.

        My Touareg had a bit of negative equity, not bad for a 9 months car. However, Lexus is being very aggressive that my new payment is actually cheaper than my old payment and my Touareg deal was already pretty good (as proven in the minimum negative equity, 4.8% of msrp, which is nothing). The saving is evened out by the higher insurance, though.

        But not bad, the same exact monthly budget (including after spreading the negative equity and insurance rise) for a car that is $6500 more expensive. Life is too short.

        Keep in mind that the GS has $2500 lease cash, too.

        I was surprised that I was only 4.8% of MSRP underwater since it was a VW and I did a zero drive off. The dealer that I bought the car from topped Carmax’s offer by $500 and I didn’t buy anything from them, just a straight sale.

  3. Oh talking a out discount. The lease cash for touareg didnt change at $4500. My calculation already took into account that 4500.

  4. Do you have rates on the Passat TDI? I see their national offer for a TDI SE w/sunroof, but I’m looking for a deal on just a TDI SE. Need the m/f and residual.

  5. It never makes economic sense to lease a tdi vw as the rent is higher than saving in a short period. MFs for the tdi models are usually higher, in addition to the higher pricing. You can always ask a vw dealer.

    • Actually, VW is offering attractive leases on the TDIs for the first time. Passat TDI SE w/sunroof @ $309/mo for 36 months & 36K miles. Jetta TDI (manual trans) for $239/mo… Would like to know the m/f & residuals used for these offers to see if what I want makes sense.

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