2013 Volkswagen Lease Rates – August 2013

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11 thoughts on “2013 Volkswagen Lease Rates – August 2013

  1. I dont think so. They are really struggling now. Last month I talked to my salesman when I sold my Touareg. It was the 20th of the month and he hadn’t sold a single car.

  2. They have dealer cash on some if not all models to compensate the low residual too. The golf/sportwagen lines are in their last year too. If you want to get a cheap vw, start crunching numbers to make offers. Ps: the other day i saw a sportwagen at my local hertz as i was returning my road trip rental.

    • Wish I could unload my Sonata right now to get a GTI or Sportwagen TDI…I have to start thinking about what to do with my lease. Ideally, I want to unload it as a trade-in in Nov/Dec. But Not sure if I’ll be upside-down on it or not. It seems to look like I will be even though I am 2-3k under my expected miles.

      • Do the carmax routine, only costs you 30 mins. My originating dealer, VW of garden grove actually topped carmax’s offer by $500. And i didnt buy anything, they just appreciated my business (3 cars in one year for my family members). Nothing to lose but 30 mins. We cant do the calculation without that number. I loved my sportwagen tdi. My only complain was the thin padding on the door armrest. My left elbow got bruises on my long trip to lassen volcanic national park north of sacramento.

        • I checked my payoff on the sonata this weekend. 20k still. That’s ridiculous. Its supposed to drop 4k between now and march in order to hit the contracted residual. I probably won’t get more than 17-18k at this point. Lets see if year end looks better.

  3. So this would be a perfect storm for a buyout lease, right? Residuals aren’t great, but MF is practically 0 and TrueCar prices look very attractive.

    • Yeah. I like having the option to buy the car out. This would be ideal. Now the question is, is there a VW I’d want to keep long term? That’s a toughy.

  4. G, if you are shopping. Look closely to lexus ct es gs and rx too. Great res and mf, great selling prices, and some have great lease cash too.

    • Maybe the ct. Wife wants a gas saver to offset the pilot’s thirsty habits. Haahaa. In an ideal world, I’d get a premium/lux sedan and then a “fun” car for the weekends.

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