2013-14 Audi Lease Rates – September 2013

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6 thoughts on “2013-14 Audi Lease Rates – September 2013

  1. Thank you for the numbers, do you know how audi charges for additional miles? Such as 20k/year or 23k/year. I know some brands add that to the sales price per mile while others reduce residuals.

    Thanks again!

  2. Hi G,
    Can I assume the numbers for an A4 premium plus are the same as the Premium or are they usually a little better?

  3. nabeel:
    audi typically has lower residuals and sometimes higher money factors for premium plus and even higher yet for the Prestige line.
    Especially for the A4 since it has been the value leader for the brand.
    So to give you a dollar wise answer, it is typically the best lease with a base version.
    For a while, audi was upping residuals for adding audiCare maintenance packages. You can also shop around with banks & credit unions for different lease deals too. Not all lease deals are manufacturer subsidized.
    Best of luck – I am on my 8 the audi over 11 years. Love those cars!

    • Kevin… I want an Audi Sedan with Vented seats (I am constantly hot) By the looks of it I have to step up to A6. But I enjoyed the A4 drive better, you ever seen that feature?

      Also, Is adding quattro a no brainer?


      • I love quattro personally. Of course, the driving experience may not be too drastic if you don’t live in more extreme weather. However, even in SoCal, I do appreciate it when there’s a downpour and I am still sticking to the road like glue.

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