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  • zee pfb posted an update in the group Group logo of Your Next LeaseYour Next Lease 3 years, 5 months ago

    New to leases, usually a cash buyer, but might want to take advantage of some of the lease deals.

    Comments on this lease deal?

    2014 Infiniti QX70 3.7 AWD w/ premium package
    36 month lease, 10K miles/yr
    $450/mo, 3,550 cap reduction
    MSRP $51,695
    Residual $29,983

  • JBM posted an update in the group Group logo of Your Next LeaseYour Next Lease 3 years, 5 months ago

    Hi All –

    Looking for the best deal on an entry-level luxury SUV for my wife. Probably don\’t want to spend more than $450 a month. Needs to have NAV and a backup camera. Already have 2013 Lexus RX so that is out. Terms would be 36 mo/10K miles. Ideally as little up front as possible. Any suggestions?


  • B posted an update in the group Group logo of Your Next LeaseYour Next Lease 3 years, 5 months ago

    I was looking at the G37x, then with November’s $3250 loyalty cash I began looking at the Q50. In the end, the deal on the Q50 was too good to pass up. I ended up getting a Premium Hybrid AWD with Nav. More than I ever imagined I could afford. But, with the aggressive pricing and loyalty cash, I’ll be paying less per month for the Q50 per…[Read more]

    • Congrats!! Are the Qs just not selling that well? They seem to be throwing a lot of cash at them. Personally, I think they look great. Too bad I don’t qualify for the loyalty otherwise I would be look at one too.

      • They’re certainly not selling as well as Infinity hoped. My impression is that Infinity priced the car too high — the G37’s are still available in the $30’s, which is why I was looking at that model. High pricing, together with it being a brand new model, which has gotten some negative reviews for some of its new technologies including the…[Read more]

        • Interesting. I think I will pay them a visit this weekend. I’m a bit worried about the “first gen” issues, specially with so much tech in the car, but if they are trying to move them, I can’t help but get a bit curious. Thanks for the info!

    • Hey G – did you check out the Q50 yet? I’m loving this car. I’ve even read that some people are buying a junker infiniti for a few hundred dollars to qualify for the $3250 loyalty incentive this month.


      • Wow. That’s just nuts! I have not driven it yet. I test drove the Ford Fusion Energi and Lincoln MKZ this past weekend. Very nice vehicles, but I’m not so sure I would pull the trigger on either. I do need to the Q50 though. I wonder how people prove they qualify for the cash though. Statement? Pink slip? Drive the car to the dealership?

        • I would think a pink slip should do it. I also read that a dealership was asking to see that the car was insured by the owner. You should likely ask the dealership before pulling a move like that though. Let me know if you go that direction. I still can’t believe I got the deal I did.

  • PhilG posted an update in the group Group logo of Your Next LeaseYour Next Lease 3 years, 5 months ago

    decisions decisions. I leased a sonata turbo right around the same time G did. I haven’t had the issues you have. my lease is over in march and i’m on the fence about what is next. i was thinking with the owner loyalty i might be able to get the sonata limited turbo for around the same $ i’m paying now. i also kinda like the optima, however,…[Read more]

  • Nathan posted an update in the group Group logo of Your Next LeaseYour Next Lease 3 years, 5 months ago

    Morning all. Am looking at a 2013 G37x w/premium package. Quoted 73% residual, .00038 MF on 24 month lease. Dealer throwing in $1000 loyalty cash and selling car at invoice of $35,024. Numbers look excellent, especially compared to recent posts .

    • Payments?

    • I am putting $2,000 into the deal which will give me a monthly payment of around $260.00 per month including tax. Drive off costs including $700 acquisition fee I will also pay up front.

      • wow that is awesome man congrats

        • Thanks. Would like to say I was an extra savey negotiator but the credit manager(never talked to a salesperson) gave up the residual % and MF over the. They are very motivated to more the 2013 g37x all wheel drives. Good luck.

  • deconomist posted an update in the group Group logo of Your Next LeaseYour Next Lease 3 years, 5 months ago

    I have been pricing out the RDX Tech as I think it will be the best option to replace my 2012 TL, and the pricing is terrible right now. The MF ranges between .0014-.0015 and the residual is 59% for a 12,000/mi, 3 year lease.

    Taking suggestions for other similarly sized SUVs. Requirements include under $500/mo all in (6% sales tax added to base…[Read more]

    • How about an Infiniti QX70 (FX37)?

      I got an AWD with premium (navigation) package last year for $459 / month (10K, 39 months) and $833.13 total out of pocket.

      • Certainly worth a look. Although I would need at least 12k miles/year. I’ve also considered the Murano as an option.

    • You will think I am crazy for suggesting it, but if you have to have an suv, the 2013 Toyota Highlander Limited loaded is worth a look. There is plenty of power and all-in under 500 with 12k will be a piece of cake. Its really about the same size as a Lexus RX but there is a small third row seat hiding under the rear deck if you ever need it…[Read more]

      • Wow — the Highlander is loaded on features. Based on the Reverse Calculator and info for the base Highlander, residual for 12,000 miles is 63% with a MF of .00112.. Dealer invoice + $1000 in fees rolled in (assumption) could have the Highlander at $440/month all-in.

        Only question is if the Highlander has HIDs. Hard to go back after having them…[Read more]

  • G posted an update in the group Group logo of Your Next LeaseYour Next Lease 3 years, 5 months ago

    Spent some time at the Ford Dealer. The Fusion Energi is getting a $4k federal rebate + $1.5k CA rebate + $2k incentive from Ford. The reason why it doesn’t get the full $7500 federal rebate is because it only gets 21 miles on battery as opposed to the Volt’s 40. But the Volt its 4 instead of 5 and has an unappealing interior (in my opinion).…[Read more]

  • Julio posted an update in the group Group logo of Your Next LeaseYour Next Lease 3 years, 6 months ago

    Has anyone seen the M235I coupe that was released today?

    that car is going to be something else. I have a feeling this car is going to be the bargain car for BMW and the best pricing point to lease 228i starts at $33025.00 and M235I $43025.00. G as soon as you hear anything as far as pricing…[Read more]

    • That looks amazing. I was worried the M235i was going to end up closer to the $50k mark for base.

    • Thought the same thing but it has alot of good things comes as standard already the only thing that would make it above 50K is all the options. But a 228I with M-sport package will be under 40k which to me will be awesome ….. payments would range from $350 – $435 at most with the MSD and covering tax, tag, dealer ship or who knows probably even…[Read more]

    • @msk1 Yeah I saw it recently. I hope they have it at the LA Auto Show next month. I will keep tabs on it for sure. I always though the 1-series was too small and the 3 & 4 series were getting a bit porky. This might is definitely around the right size. @julio91 I think you might be right about the payment range, but I suspect it will be more…[Read more]

    • Hopefully i will do all MSD and most likley cover like i said Tax, Tag, Dealer fee upfront ( hopefully its not to bad) I would be satisfied with under $400. But then again the car isnt even out yet and there isnt any promotions as of yet and I think BMW wants this car to be moving in the dealer ship I havent stopped seeing CLA’s in my area in…[Read more]

      • saw a CLA this afternoon. To me, it doesn’t look nearly as good in person for some reason. I will need to take another closer look at the Auto Show. The 2-series looks crazy nice though. I do hope they have some lease support on those.

  • Mr. PLP posted an update in the group Group logo of Your Next LeaseYour Next Lease 3 years, 6 months ago

    Hello, I\’m looking at either a gas or hybrid Q50 Sport with navigation and deluxe packages.

    With that said, does anyone know how soon will the November lease \”numbers\” (MF, residual, etc…) will be released?

    I assume it will be next week, but could it be as early as this weekend or definitely next weekend (Friday the 1st)?


    • I think it’s usually 3-4 days into the new month, so maybe the first week of Nov. I generally don’t like leasing a car early in the month. The only exception was my wife’s Pilot last year. We went early because we weren’t going to be in town for the Holidays (got the car in Dec).

      • Thanks G. Any reason as to why I shouldn’t lease at the beginning of every month? Is it because dealers have a monthly quota that they need to meet at the end of each month and will most likely give you a better deal then?

        • Yup. They have a tendency of being more aggressive at the end of the month. Just make sure you are dealing with fleet/internet sales tho. Floor sales is a whole different animal.

  • Ali G posted an update in the group Group logo of Your Next LeaseYour Next Lease 3 years, 6 months ago

    Hi, I have been following this site for a awhile, have gotten 2 g37 coupes over the years and this really helped me learn the leasing market.
    mean while we are shopping for my wife now. We are looking at a ford edge w/ navi msrp of 39K and looking at 1700 due at signing and then 365 a month. for 10.5 per year and 36 mo lease (might have been 39)…[Read more]

    • Ali. I am going to repostt a comment from HN308 about a Q50 AWD he recently leased:

      Q50 premium AWD with spare tire and All weather mats
      MSRP – 42685
      Invoice – 39841
      Selling price (Net CAP cost) 37841. Its 2K below invoice using my 1K loyalty.

      Zero Down payment.
      Miles – 12K a year
      Term – 39 Months
      MF – 0.0124
      Residual – 63% of MSRP

      NY ta…[Read more]

      • any idea which dealer?

        • That was not disclosed. I recommend emailing a few with a price point in mind and see which one is willing to get close or go under it.

      • this seems a bit low…does this package include nav? i am considering a prem, sport with 15k +
        navi…i didnt know there was a 39 mo lease….

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