Network Issues + New features added


Network Solutions seems to be having network issues (ironic, isn’t it?). So the website will be in and out of service until they can figure out what their issue is. I have been able to hit the site using Firefox. No luck using Chrome (which is odd). I can’t hit it with my phone, but I can with my computer. Anyway, check my twitter feed for any major announcements.


Added the following features, groups and lease rate sections:

  1. The Wall – You can now upload pictures of your own car to the wall. Please keep the filesizes small.
  2. Messaging – You can send members public or private messages. Just go to the person’s profile and select the message you want to send. Here is my profile
  3. Discussion Groups – I have broken them down into the core-brands plus a few other groups such as “Your Next Lease“. I will be commenting on my experiences searching for my next lease in that group. I encourage you to join and share what you are getting next
  4. Acura, Audi, Honda Lease Rate pages added. I will be adding Volvos once I get numbers for those. Thank you to all who are pitching in!