2013 Infiniti G Coupe

This is probably one of the more exciting news I have read in a LONG time! Even more exciting than Toyota going forward with the FT86 (even if its as a Scion).

Here is the sentence from Road & Track that says it all…

We hear from sources inside Nissan’s design studio that the new G, especially the coupe version, will borrow heavily from the styling of the Essence show car.

Above, you will see the photo of the Essence coupe I took back in 2010’s Los Angeles Auto Show. If at least 50% of the exterior makes to production, I will definitely get another Infiniti in the near future. Now, R&T posted a pic of what the next G37 coupe could look like. I don’t really dig the front fascia, but the rest of the car seems to flow like the Essence, which I really love.

See Road and Track story HERE.