The Wall: E.O in Cali’s 2012 Honda Accord

Name: E.O in Cali
Location: California
What He’s Got: White 2012 Honda Accord Auto Leather
What It Cost:

MSRP: 24700
Selling Price: $21300
36 months lease

Bank fee ($600) rolled into month payments.
Only paid Registeration and first month for total drive off. (about $550)
Monthly payment is $223 including tax.

My Take: Fantastic deal on the Accord. The discount is outstanding. Seems pretty straight-forward to me. Low sale price + good lease rates = low monthly payments with little due upfront. I like it a lot. Thanks for sharing!!

7 thoughts on “The Wall: E.O in Cali’s 2012 Honda Accord

  1. Hey G.
    Thanks for your great help and efforts on

    Just one correction, selling price was actually 21,150 (not 21300). I mistyped.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. E.O,
    Woudl you be able to help me out with the details of your loan? I am very interested in one of these.

  3. Hey Andy

    Are you in So.Cal? if so, I can refer you to the salesman I worked with for this car.

    If not, email nearby dealers and see if any dealer can sell an SE Accord for $21150 or less. Then, tell them you want to lease it. You can find the money factor and residual value on this site. And then, they will calculate the detail payments info for you.

  4. E.O,

    My current lease is ending, and i’m looking to lease the same car as you did, but black. Can you refer me to the dealer/salesman that you used?


  5. Wasn’t able to close a deal with Sierra, but I did make a deal with another dealer. Same car, 2012 Accord SE. $240/month tax incl. I rolled all driveoffs and first payment into the lease.

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