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This one goes to Chris I for giving me the idea. It wasn’t too difficult to pull off, but I think it will add great value to what we are trying to do here.
It is so freaking cool that I decide it to name it THE GAME CHANGER, why? because it really changes things for us. I have cross checked this accuracy of this calculator against lease deals on an Accord and the ILX you see below. I hope this will enable the masses to begin sharing lease rates here. Please post your results!! You can now negotiate with your dealer using nationally advertised numbers and use the calculator to spit out the Residual and Money Factor. Please submit your results into the Lease Rates’ section for the brand you are calculating. TRY IT ON THE LEASE PROMOTION ON THE ACURA ILX YOU SEE ON HERE (Or take it to any other brand’s Current Offer’s page) & LET ME KNOW HOW YOU LIKE IT!

Current Acura ILX lease promotion

7 thoughts on “Lease Residual & MF Calculator

  1. Nice work G! So to confirm, I get
    RV: 59 <–exact
    MF: 0.00027 <–rounded

    Here's another idea. Could you compute the required Sale Price to achieve a, RwG Deal Rating of 85, 90, 95, and 100?

    • Yup Those are correct. It seems to work real well for Acura because they provide a lot of info in their lease details. BMW, Audi, MB, VW, Toyota and Lexus leave a lot to be desired because they don’t disclose much. The key is really getting that NET CAP COST correct and you will get the MF. The residual is easy enough to get these days.

      As for the RWG rating for this calculator, I’m not sure if there’s a good use case for it since the regular RWG calculator does this. Plug in every number and then play with the Sale price to see what the best rating you can get based on the market value of the car.

  2. G – is the old calculator still available? seems like i could still use it to run my numbers…unless i am missing something here

    • Yeah. There should be a link on the new calculator’s page with accesstm to the old one. Let me know if you can’t find it.

  3. Am I correct that the below deal has a residual value of 66% and a money factor value of .000379. Thank you for help.

    Well-equipped including features such as Premium Package (Moonroof, Comfort Access, Satellite Radio), iPod/USB Adapter, Hands-free Bluetooth and Destination charges.
    $279*/month for 36 months. $500 Option Allowance, $500 Loyalty Cash are included in payment.
    Vehicle Registered outside N.Y.
    • $279 First months payment
    • $3,000 Down payment
    • $0 Security Deposit
    • $725 Acquisition fee
    • $4,004 Cash due at signing
    Vehicle Registered in N.Y.
    • $279 First months payment
    • $3,000 Down payment
    • $0 Security deposit
    • $725 Acquisition fee
    • $4,004 Cash due at signing
    Contact a dealer
    Above are the offers available in the Buffalo, NY area.
    Change your Location *Lease financing available on 2014 BMW 320i xDrive Sedan vehicles, only at participating BMW centers on leases assigned to BMW Financial Services NA, LLC/Financial Services Vehicle Trust through December 02, 2013. $500 Option Allowance are credits against the MSRP of the final purchase, loan or lease on a 320i xDrive Sedan through December 02, 2013. $500 Loyalty Cash is a credit against the MSRP of the loan or lease on a 320i xDrive Sedan through December 02, 2013. $500 Loyalty Cash available for returning BMW customers only. Monthly Lease payments of $279.00 for 36 months based on MSRP of $38,875.00. Vehicle may need to be ordered. Total Lease payments are $10,044.00. Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees. Program available to qualified customers and not everyone will qualify. Subject to credit approval. See participating dealer for details. Dealer contribution may affect terms. Lessee must cover insurance and all items not covered under the BMW Maintenance Program. At lease end, lessee will be liable for disposition fee ($350.00), any excess wear and use as set forth in the lease agreement and excess mileage charges of $0.20 per mile for miles driven in excess of 30,000 miles. Purchase option at lease end for $25,658.00 excludes taxes. Lessee acquires no ownership interest unless purchase option is exercised. See participating BMW centers for details and vehicle availability. For more information call 1-800-334-4269. Special lease rates and pricing may not be reflected throughout All figures presented are estimates only. Actual selling price may vary. Please see your BMW center for details. Ultimate Service covers all factory recommended maintenance on all new vehicles, as determined by the Service Level Indicator, for 4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. Exclusions from coverage: gasoline, gasoline additives, windshield washer additives, tires, wheels, wheel alignment, tire balancing and rotation. All work must be performed by an authorized BMW center. See the Service and Warranty information booklet for more details and specific terms, conditions and limitations. ©2013 BMW of North America, LLC. The BMW name, model names and logo are registered trademarks.

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