Mercedes Benz of Long Beach

As you are all well aware, I paid Aaron a visit over at MB of Long Beach a few weekends ago. During that visit, I also had the opportunity to meet Andrew, the Sales Manager at the dealership. We spoke briefly about my site, Aaron’s role in helping me with all MB related questions and so on. It was a great experience because I got a few hours to acquaint myself with all the cars (such as the new E and the C63, which are probably two of my favorites). I also got a chance to take the GLK350 4matic for a spin up Signal Hill and I came away impressed with that little crossover handling capabilities. Too bad it is are pretty terrible lease right now, I just hope the lease rates improve down the road. Anyway, here are a bunch of pics I took while hanging out at Mercedes Benz of Long Beach. Great people, good service. Definitely a good place to search for my next ride. Enjoy the pics!

6 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz of Long Beach

    • @hue. thanks huge! yeah. seats are so nice on the E! I love the coupe. real spacious, doesn’t even feel like a coupe inside. One of these days…

  1. Mercedes cars are always beautiful, luxury and amazing. Here saw a lot of pictures of nice Mercedes cars and I can tell that the new C-Class is good, but in my eyes, Mercedes has only one model – S-Class.

    • @autobl. true, their flagship S Class is pretty awesome, but they are bit too big for my tastes. Personally, I feel the E-Class is the perfect size for me and the 2010 model sure rubs me the right way! LOL.

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