The Wall: Mrs B’s 2009 Infiniti G37 Sedan

Name: Mrs B
Location: Louisiana
What She’s Got: 2009 Moonlight White Infiniti G37 Journey Sedan. Premium Pkg. Sport Pkg. Trunk mat. splash guards.
What It Cost: You can’t get any more detailed than this…

39months, 15k miles
Residual: 54%
MF: .00146
MSRP: 39610.00
Sale Price: 36,521.50
rolled the $595 acquisition fee into the lease
Total amount leased: $37,116.50
Total due upfront includes first payment, license, title, $762.25
Monthly payment: $488.48
Usage tax each month: $41.74
Total payment including tax: $530.22

My Take:As expected, B detailed everything and got himself the best deal he could find within driving distance. I think the only thing I would have done differently is pay the acquisition fee upfront, but other than that, can’t go wrong with a pretty loaded G37 sedan for that price. Two thumbs up!

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4 thoughts on “The Wall: Mrs B’s 2009 Infiniti G37 Sedan

  1. yeah, i overlooked the aquisition fee. Now i’m stuck paying monthly useage tax on that fee for 39 months. It’s not much, but still a boo boo on my part. Will be drafting a new article for posting this week on the other half of this deal. Remember, I had 10 months left on the VW GLI lease and was trying to find a buyer to sell the car outright for the full payoff amount. It worked out well, but wow was that a learning experience…. Stay tuned.

    • not to pour salt over the wound there, but that’s interest + tax 😀 haha. No worries though, I did the same with my G since I had some negative equity I had to pay on my Mazda3.

  2. There’s different opinions on that I guess. For me, it all depends on the interest rate you got. If the MF is heavily subsidized you could find it’s cheaper to roll it into the payment then take the cash out of your savings acct. Also, the less you drop down at the start, the less investment you have to loose should you wreck the car or need to turn it in early for any reason. Right or wrong?

    • @spicymikey. That’s correct. Potential lessees should definitely look at how low the MF is before deciding to roll any fees into the lease loan. If we are looking at a lease that has a .00010 MF or lower, it’s probably a good idea to roll in all taxable fees into the lease loan. I think DMV and gov’t fees are generally not taxed, so you probably should just pay that and go.

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