The Wall: BouncewithB’s 2011 MINI Cooper S

Name: BouncewithB
Location: Louisiana
What He’s Got: 2011 MINI Cooper S
What It Cost: $420/ month, 36 month 10k/year, Only 1st payment at signing. 27,900 msrp. 26,900 selling price.
My Take: Lately, I’ve become very interested in the “1st monthly only” leases where you roll the DMV, doc fee, bank acquisition and simply pay your 1st month payment. I think of this approach as a easy way to move from one lease to another without having to fork out thousands to cover the drive-off fees.  I think B’s new MINI worked out well specially since its custom ordered and definitely much cooler than previous MINI, the “Short Bus“. Just look at the rims! Wicked cool.

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5 thoughts on “The Wall: BouncewithB’s 2011 MINI Cooper S

    • doesn’t it? I like it. If I was “allowed” to have a MINI, that would be the color combination I’d get.

      I say “allowed” because my wife isn’t a big MINI fan and if I got one, I wouldn’t hear the end of it. LOL

  1. The color is actually White Silver. New color for 2011. This is my 3rd Mini and 2nd of the current generation. By far the best Mini yet. Its nice to see and feel the small changes as the engineers continue tweaking the model as it progresses through its life cycle.
    And of course you can’t beat the lease. Residuals are always good and money factors are decent right now.

    • that’s a nice color. it looks silver at times and white in others. I didn’t know you’ve had 3 minis already. so do you pretty much just use it as a weekend car?

  2. Yep. Work provides my vehicle during the week. And we take the G if we need to hall the family around town. The mini is for dad to run errands and occasionally move the kids from here to there. And the occasional autocross is fun too 🙂

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