The Wall: Nick’s 2012 Volvo S60 T5

Name: Nick
Location: Maryland
What He Had:

2009 Audi A3 2.0T

What He’s Got:

2012 Volvo S60 T5
Vibrant Copper/Beechwood Leather
Premium Package
Climate Package
Active Bending Xenon Lights
Njord Alloys

What It Cost:

$399/mo after fees (and Volvo took $1000 off as loyalty cash for having owned the Audi)

My Take: Cool ride Nick! $399 after fees is awesome. Not sure what you spent upfront. But if it’s just the inception fees then it’s solid. If you rolled those in and just paid your 1st month, then that’s even better. Either way, the S60 is one of Volvo’s best leases now so I’m pretty confident you pulled off a good deal since you did pretty well on the A3 a few years ago.

4 thoughts on “The Wall: Nick’s 2012 Volvo S60 T5

  1. Yep, custom-ordered. The Njords are actually only a $250 option when ordering from the factory and didn’t require the Dynamic package (the thought of replacing 18″ rubber with that was daunting.)

    • how much did u spend upfront anyway? curious. maybe i’ll order a S60 for the with during the holidays so she can get it by Feb.

  2. Just paid the inception fees – about $3000 when all was said and done. Most of that came from the sale of my Audi for more than the lease-end amount. The first month’s payment was rolled into total, too and I snagged the “conquest cash” of $1000 off the price because of the Audi I had previously owned. I also took advantage of Volvo’s A-Plan pricing which comes with a $50 yearly membership to the Volvo Club of America. You have to be a member for six months prior to making a purchase to take advantage of this but I think you can get the same pricing through Costco if you don’t have that long to wait! All total, it was a $37,000 car leased for the same price as a $34,000 car. Not bad!

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