The Wall: Uzair’s 2012 Acura TSX

Name: Uzair
Location: California
What He’s Got:

2012 Acura TSX Base Automatic

What It Cost:

MSRP $30,695
Sale Price $27,230
Fees rolled in $590
Due at Signing including 1st months payment $672.70
Monthly payment (incl 8.75% tax) $307.07

My Take: Insane. This is actually a phenomenal lease. Per my calculations, it looks like your sale price had the fees rolled in too, which is fantastic. Great job on the lease. Acura does look very desperate these days.

8 thoughts on “The Wall: Uzair’s 2012 Acura TSX

  1. Hey Uzair,

    Nice deal there. A few questions for you:

    – What did you pay to get the car off the lot?
    – How many miles a year?
    – Where and who did you get the dea through?

    I’m interested in getting one pretty soon, so thanks in advance.


    • He got it at Glendale Acura. He paid $672.70 upfront. Looks like his bank fee was just rolled into the lease and he paid 1st month, dmv, doc fee and misc taxes.

  2. Chris,

    G’s got it right. Drive off was $672.70. 36k/36 mo lease. Get in touch with Gary at Glendale. Going at the end of the month was the key for the amazing price.

  3. Thanks Uzair for posting this which has braught traffic my way… Who ever is interested contact me at Gary at Acura of Glendale and I will help you guys out like I helped Uzair on his lease. Right now we have great lease programs on a 2012 TL & MDX!!!

  4. Spoke to Gary today and even though I was not able to get the deal, he was upfront with everything within 5 minutes of telling him what I needed. I hope to do business with him in the future. Thanks for the details on this website.

    • Let me clarify, I did not get the deal described by the OP because I have to unload my current car first. Gary straight up told me that trading in my car would not make good financial sense without loosing at least 4K. Hope I can get my car sold soon so I can get this deal with Gary at Glendale Acura.

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