The Wall: RT’s 2013 Acura TSX Tech (2X)

Name: RT
Location: CA
What He’s Got: Two 2013 Acura TSX Tech
What It Cost:

Where: Niello Acura from Brian (finance manager) and Chris (sales rep)
MSRP $34505
Sales Price $30,900
MF, .00043
Residual 55%
Term: 36 month at 12K/miles per year..
Extras: Niello threw in the protection package for free (wheel locks, mud flaps, and trunk liner)
Payment: $2000 upfront and $350/month.

Where: Pleasanton Acura from Tom (finance) and Jeff (Sales)
MSRP $34505
Sales Price $31,600
MF .00043
Residual 59%
Term 36 month at 10K/ miles per year
Payment: $2000 upfront and $349/month

RT’s Take: I could have done 10k miles for $342/ month but I wanted the lower residual since I WILL go over my mileage AND I am either: keeping the car in 3 years, selling it to my father, or possibly selling it on the open market. The residual price of just under $19k will be thousands under its actual market vale so I am protected on the back end. I also want to point out that this MF was supposedly only good on the special edition, so I feel good about getting it for a Tech model.
LASTLY, I was given a loyalty discount since I purchased a car from them 5 years ago, therefore this deal would be tough to duplicate exactly.

My Take: Your first deal is definitely the better one. Overall, deals were good. Couple words of caution regarding lease-end sales. Make sure you factor in sales tax because unlike the dealer, you need to pay it and the person buying from you needs to as well. Btw, now that you had some time to drive in it. How do you like the TSX and what do you think about Acura’s Tech features? Also, what you is your real-world MPG?


The Wall: Mrs G’s 2013 Honda Pilot EX 4WD

Name: Mrs G
Location: California
What She’s Got: White 2013 Honda Pilot EX 4WD
What It Cost:

36-month | 12k miles | residual 58% | .00022 base money factor
MSRP $34100
Sale Price: $30780
Due at signing: $360
Monthly (w/tax): $374
RWG Rating – 98.0

My Take: It was excruciating finding a 4WD EX model here in So Cal. Within a 25 mile radius of my city, there were only TWO EX 4WDs. One was black and the other one was white. There about 5 more EX models out in San Bernardino county with Grey being the other color available besides white and black. Didn’t feel like driving a good hour and change, so I tried to negotiate on what’s available. I don’t want to bad-mouth certain dealers too much, but I have to say, some are just painful to deal with. Internet/Fleet just isn’t like it used to be. Many are just floor sales hiding behind a computer. Most can’t even give a competitive quote without trying to force you into the dealership or pressure you over the phone. The good news is that there are the occasional few that are so pleasant to deal with and don’t require much negotiation. Rock bottom price right off the bat!

Anyway, wife is very happy with her ride. I didn’t get all weather mats thrown in this time because I was working on 11 hrs of sleep in the last 48 hrs and I was emotionally drained due to a family situation the night before. Add on the fact that I was negotiating on a car that was as rare as this one, I just didn’t have it in me to work the guy for another $260 bucks.

If you need a Honda here in So Cal and want a hassle free experience, let me know. I got a couple guys you should talk to.


The Wall: G’s First Brokered Deal! 2012 Subaru Legacy Premium

As I stated on the title, today, I brokered my first lease! I actually had been working on it the last 3 days, but my “clients” made the final decision and took delivery of their new car tonight! Very fun experience for me.

Name: Mr & Mrs M
Location: California
What They Got:

2012 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Premium
36mo/12k per year
2-year maintenance included
all-weather mats included (freebie add-on)
rubber cargo tray included (freebie add-on)
free car washes

What It Cost:

MSRP $24,336
Sale Price $21,400
Fees rolled in $595 (bank fee)
Due at Signing including 1st months payment $578 (1st month, DMV, dealer doc, tire tax)
Monthly payment (incl 8.75% tax) $270
RES: 55%
MF: 0.00025

My Take: I was negotiating multiple deals for different cars, but we ultimately narrowed it down to three cars: 2012 Sonata GLS, 2012 Altima S and the 2012 Legacy Premium. The Legacy won out because of the AWD and as Mr. M put it, “It just felt right”. The deal I brokered came in with RWG rating of 96.3, which I thought was very aggressive. I managed to take $1000 of the $1250 available dealer cash, which I thought was more than fair. Dealer cost came in at about $22100, which means I got about $700 below that. Of course, with the $1250 in dealer cash, the dealer still came away with about $550 plus month-end volume sales incentives. All in all, a pretty fair deal if you ask me. I also got about $140 bucks of freebies (cargo tray and all weather mats) as a throw in plus car washes.

How did I do with the Sonata and the Altima you ask? Pretty darn good if you ask me!

2012 Sonata GLS – $0 drive-off. $247 a month with 8.75% sales tax.
2012 Altima S – $0 drive-off. $271 a month with 8.75% sales tax.


The Wall: Uzair’s 2012 Acura TSX

Name: Uzair
Location: California
What He’s Got:

2012 Acura TSX Base Automatic

What It Cost:

MSRP $30,695
Sale Price $27,230
Fees rolled in $590
Due at Signing including 1st months payment $672.70
Monthly payment (incl 8.75% tax) $307.07

My Take: Insane. This is actually a phenomenal lease. Per my calculations, it looks like your sale price had the fees rolled in too, which is fantastic. Great job on the lease. Acura does look very desperate these days.


The Wall: E.O in Cali’s 2012 Honda Accord

Name: E.O in Cali
Location: California
What He’s Got: White 2012 Honda Accord Auto Leather
What It Cost:

MSRP: 24700
Selling Price: $21300
36 months lease

Bank fee ($600) rolled into month payments.
Only paid Registeration and first month for total drive off. (about $550)
Monthly payment is $223 including tax.

My Take: Fantastic deal on the Accord. The discount is outstanding. Seems pretty straight-forward to me. Low sale price + good lease rates = low monthly payments with little due upfront. I like it a lot. Thanks for sharing!!


The Wall: E.O in Cali’s 2009 BMW 335i Coupe

Name: E.O in Cali
Location: California
What He’s Got: 2009 white BMW 335i coupe.
What It Cost: Details, details, details!

$700 over true invoice (without any MACO or training fees)
$725 bank acquisition fee (lowered from $925)
7 Multiple Security deposits to lower the money factor down to 0.00116 (from .00165)
Plus license and taxes.

My Take: No MACO, no training, lower bank acquisition fee = WIN! A .00165 MF is actually pretty decent so MSDs were not exactly necessary, but it certainly didn’t hurt. Overall, I like it. Fast car, sharp looks, good price. No complaints here. It is important to point out that BMW doesn’t have a holdback, therefore $700 “over” invoice price (when no rebates can be had) is actually a pretty solid price considering no extra fees were paid.

PS – I know where you got it from! 😀

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The Wall : Getpaid’s 2009 Mercedes CLK350

Name: Getpaid
Location: California
What He’s Got: Everything but wood grain and Navi.
What It Cost: 2 payments left on my old lease and about 5,000 miles over my allotted 10,000 per year ($1250). Paid $3000 after everything at drive off (that includes my first month’s payment) and am paying $455 a month for 39 months at 10,000 miles a year. I believe sticker was $52950 but i’m not positive as to what it came out to when all was said and done.

My Take:PHAT RIDE! Love it! Mercs do look best in black so you definitely didn’t go wrong there. The deal in my opinion was very good considering the following… 1) You were over your miles and had a couple payments left. 2) Of the $3000 up front that you paid, more than HALF was going towards inception, meaning your cap reduction was probably no more than $1k. At $455, that’s about the same as what some folks are paying for 2.0T A4s and 328i…but you got a CLK350 at a MSRP of $52k. Congrats! Great ride, great deal. Thank you VERY MUCH for sharing. Wow, the first Merc on the Wall!

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CA DMV Registration Doubles May 19th

Effective May 19th, 2009, California’s DMV registration will double. In my case, I will be paying upwards of almost $600 a year for my car. This will also affect new car registrations, meaning your lease inception fees will go up as well. This is onto top of the wonderful 1% sales tax hike the state has imposed, which will take effect April 1st, 2009. If you are a California and plan on leasing something, doing so before May 19th could save you a few hundred bucks up front. If you plan on buying, I would try to beat the April 1st deadline so you can avoid the tax increase.