Got a quote today from my Acura dealer

I currently have a TSX for the wife and I’m looking to replace the Mazda3 I inherited from her since it’s lease is coming up in about 4 months. I like to get a head start and research my next ride about 3-4 months before actually getting it because it gives me an opportunity to browse around and see what the current deals are and what type of car are currently out there or will be arriving in showrooms shortly. I dislike doing things last minute because I usually end up getting shafted. For example, I leased my BMW 325i on a whim…which means it cost me more than it should; great car, breaks down a lot, but drives like a dream. Unfortunately for me, highly desirable, therefore very expensive. So next one was my A4. I actually got a decent deal out of that, yet I think I could have done better. Next up, the Mazda3. TERRIBLE lease. Had no choice, you see, the only dealer with the specs my wife wanted was a POS dealership with rude pushy sells folks and even worse finance department. So I’m kind of glad that the Mazda3 nightmare will be over soon.

So this is the deal I got quoted today. $351 plus tax for 36 months, 12k miles per year, $800 due at signing. This is for an Acura TL Base (no navi). Better than most deals I’ve seen people get. Even better than the national deal Acura is advertising. ($1999 at signing, $359 plus tax for the same term/miles).

Upon further inspection, using the numbers given, I’m coming up with $335 a month instead of $351. So there are some fees hiding in there somewhere, which means, there’s more room to go down.

I’m currently pondering this deal…decisions, decisions….

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