Are you ready for $4 gas? Like you have a choice right?

You know, with gas prices climbing this quick, I just might rethink my whole sports sedan/coupe choices for my next lease. Maybe Honda Fit might work out a tad better. I personally don’t believe in Hybrid technology. Why? because you are still using gas. All this crap about “oh I’m Green cuz I drive a Hybrid”, PLEASE! You still use gas, just less of it. Now even electric powered cars aren’t exactly green, unless you know for sure your electricity comes from “green” sources. If its coming from the burning of coal, then it kind of defeats the purpose now doesn’t it? I’m no alternative fuel guru, but these type of things just make sense.

Anyway, there is speculation that during the summer we’ll peak at $4 gas for regular. I’m thinking more like “exceed”. Next month’s Memorial Weekend signals the beginning of the driving season, so be ready for a nice fat price hike by our friends at Big Oil.

Gasoline prices could peak at $4 this summer

And if you can stomach it…

Oil chiefs say high prices not our fault

Makes you sick, doesn’t it?

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