It’s criminal how dealers mask rates by pitching monthly payments

This is a rant post, you may and may not agree with me, but this particular point of view is worth knowing.

I think its criminal how dealers mask leasing rates by pitching monthly payments. How many times have you gone to a dealer, sat down with them and the first thing they ask you is “how much do you want to pay a month?” followed by “how much money do you want to put down”. At times, they even have the nerve to lie to you and say “the price of the vehicle is not important, you are just leasing the car”. That is why, car salesmen(women) are often viewed to be lower than dogs (no offense to all the puppies and dogs in the world). Personally, I think they should clean up their act because they prey on the innocent and the less “informed”. Sure, ignorance isn’t an excuse, but taking advantage of people who are not well informed scored very low in the morality scale. Ever wonder why the housing bubble burst? Same thing…unscrupulous lenders pitching really bad loans.

I believe that money factors and residuals should be openly discussed, if the customer does not know, sales/finance folks at the dealership should educate them. Sure, leasing isn’t as big of a risk as buying a home, but it gets expensive when you need to get out of them.

So to all dealers and sales folks out there…Cut the crap, I know what you’re up to, stop pitching monthly payments and lets look at the core numbers. I know how you come up with them, and I’m hoping this site will inform others as to how you come up with them as well. I know you all gotta eat and make a living, but does preying on unsuspecting customers really make you sleep better at night?

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