June 2008 Lease Rate for 09 Acura TSX

36mo/12k – residual 65% – money factor .00245

My Take: It really baffles me how a car company can “inflate” their residual values. 65% after 36 months? That’s insane. I could be wrong, but I don’t even think the Mini holds value THAT well. Anyway, can you really lease this thing right about now? Nope. Personally, I would wait for the diesel version to arrive in the US. Better MPG, more torque, same plush interior. Makes you wonder why they even bother introducing the gasoline version at all. The 09 TSX is fully redesign as you all know. Comes very nicely appointed and it’s an excellent entry-level luxury sports sedan. The new design has a elegant/techie flair to it and I think it really looks awesome in black because it’s offset very well by the chrome trims. Sweet ride.

2 thoughts on “June 2008 Lease Rate for 09 Acura TSX

  1. G,
    The only problem I had with the previous gen was power (gas version). And did they address it in this generation… NO. Why didn’t they use the RDX’s turbo 4?

  2. Yeah I was hoping for the RDX’s Turbo 4 too. But I read an article on C&D regarding the logic. The Turbo4 would have required them to make the TSX longer (notice how the hood on the RDX is elongated?). I think that would have probably made the front heavier as well, not to mention bumping up the design costs. Another thing is that the Turbo4 probably doesn’t have as good gas mileage as the NA 4-banger. Diesel is where it’s at right now…I’m just not sure CA will ever get it with our air quality restrictions.

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