June 2008 Lease Rates for 08 Infiniti FX35

24mo/12k – money factor .00095 – residual 66%
24mo/15k – money factor .00095 – residual 65%
36mo/12k – money factor .00094 – residual 55%.
36mo/15k – money factor .00094 – residual 54%.

My Take: Unless you really need a V8 powered SUV (for towing stuff), the FX35 should be sufficient for most families. Gas prices nowadays seem to dictate how consumers buy cars, so I can’t help but recommend the FX35 over the FX45. With the new FX50’s release being right around the corner, Infiniti seems to be trying to move the FX to make room on their lots by offering a low money factor for their leases. Now might be the time to pounce of the FX if that’s what you are in the market for.

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