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I’m looking for people to share their leasing experiences and the offers they get from dealers. This will help other users of this site with information on what to expect when they negotiate their own leases. Here is a link to the Post Your Deal subforum under the Leasing Forum. Thank you for your participation!

In other news…

I am still looking for dealers who may be interested in participating in the “dealer marketplace”. This is essentially a temporary free space for them to advertise their inventory and specials. I’m looking for Internet Sales Managers (ISMs) that are straight-forward and do no have issues with providing customers with quotes via email. So if you know someone you enjoyed working with, you can either pass them along to me and I’ll contact them or have them email me.

5 thoughts on “Share Your Leasing Experience

  1. I don’t have leasing experience, but a friend of mine does and he says that leasing is great for those who are fickle with stuff like cars. It allows you to have a car in enough time then you can easily switch to another once the contract expires and you get tired of the car. I’m definitely curious about the deals and where to get them from, ’cause I’m thinking of leasing a hybrid.

  2. Imee, Thing about getting the “deal” is that you have to work at it. Just like when you buy a car, you need to do some negotiating and you need to know what numbers are being used to calculate your payments. If you looking to lease a hybrid, I think the Prius isn’t looking too bad.

  3. Im looking to lease an S5 automatic. loaded car at $60k without drive select.

    Im trying to get my 36 month lease payment at $750-$800 with taxes included in that payment… (also I will put $2000 down)

    they have gotten it down to $856 with taxes and $2000 down…still have not pulled trigger…they are working with me though.

  4. Wow, $858 is still a few grand more than your $800 max with taxes. Personally I would wait it out and see. February sales were horrible for pretty much all manufacturers, so maybe they’ll throw in more lease car to this deal. The A5/S5 is way overdue for some good lease support.

  5. im trying to stick to $750 with taxes included (putting $2000 down)

    Its just so hard to leave this car…its just so drop dead gorgeous that i dont want any other car except this and dont want the A5.

    Some place told me $850 is a dam good payment for a loaded S5 automatic but im trying to make this a REAL deal at $750 for an automatic S5 even when they are selling this car like hot pancakes at full sticker.

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