A “Beef” With General Motors

Recently, I received an email newsletter from my local GMC, Pontiac, Buick dealership. Looking over the “deals”, I decided to pay their website a little visit. Here is what caught my eye:


Sweet deal isn’t it? I mean, 0% financing for 60 months for most 09 Pontiac certainly does get me excited about the possibilities of getting a G8 GT or maybe GXP. You know, like the one on this ad. But wait!!! Did you read the fine print? It says “Offer EXCLUDES the newly designed 2009 G8”. So tell me, WHY ON EARTH IS THAT CAR PICTURED ON THIS AD!?!? Who’s the smart Marketing Director that approved this ad?  What’s sad about this whole entire fiasco is that no Pontiac, besides the G8, is worth owning.

Word of advice to General Motors, if you do not want your reputation tarnished any further, stop being such boneheads by putting out stupid advertisements like this. It’s not like you need this kind of bad PR right now anyway.

05/14/09 UPDATE! JAS, you don’t happen to work for GM do you? LOL. You are correct by the way, the fine print DOES in fact say G6 instead of G8. Upon closer inspection, you can sort of make out the 6, so the ad IS in fact correct. I will go on record to say that GM actually did not falsely advertise the “TOTAL CONFIDENCE” promo. So we should have “Confidence” in them, for now anyway. Now indulge me with the opportunity to constructively critique this ad for a second. From a design standpoint, I would commend that the snippet about the G6 be placed near the “60 months”, maybe go with “0% for 60 months on 2009 Pontiac models (except the G6)” instead. I think this would clear up any possible misunderstanding since the 6 would be much larger and more prominent. Again, bad call on the poorly designed ad and marketing direction. The good news is that at least the info isn’t wrong and you can in fact get yourself into a G8 GXP for 0% over 60 months. Good deal!

Here’s a closer look at the fine print:


Tough call, but you can sort of make out the 6, so GM wins. LOL. Thanks again for pointing this out JAS. And here I thought nobody reads my rants. LOL.

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  1. I think you need to read the ad a little closer. The fine print says 2009 G6 not G8. You can absolutely get 0% for 60 months on a new 2009 G8 GT or GXP!

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