2010 Acura TSX Lease Rates – September 2009

logo_acuraMy Take: Yuck. The 2010 TSX lease rates are just not very appealing right now. The money factor is way too much for my liking. It will probably still lease “reasonably” but you didn’t come to this site trying to get into a “reasonable” lease now did you? If you gotta have it, consider MSDs. If you can wait, I would wait for the MF to drop so that the payments fall under $400 a month.

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2010 Acura TSX

2010 Acura TSX
36-month | 15k miles | residual 58% | .00243 base money factor

15 thoughts on “2010 Acura TSX Lease Rates – September 2009

  1. Hmm. Are these numbers for a base? Here is the quote I got a couple of days ago without even negotiating the selling price:
    2010 TSX Base
    MSRP $30,120
    Selling Price: $28,500
    Cap reduction: 0
    36 month/10K
    MF: .00203
    Residual: 63%
    $357/month + ~2.5K die at signing

    • thanks for the feedback ursus. Your MF might be regional, although, your money factor residual seems much higher. I’ll double check the numbers. I know Acura has a different money factors for their TL depending on your region, so maybe is doing the same with the TSX. Stay tuned 🙂

      P.S. Please don’t die at signing! LOL. BTW, I think the 2.5k is a bit much, there’s probably a good $1k (at least) in cap reduction from your end.

  2. 🙂 Thanks, G.
    My MF (.00203) is actually lower than the one posted by you (.00243). Did you mean residual? And, I guess, you meant TSX, not the ugly TL? 😉
    ~$2.5K is correct. There is no cap cost reduction, but upfront sales tax, $595 acc. fee, first month, registration and $385(!) dealer fee.

    • i made some corrections to my previous comment. lol. Well, 2.5k with taxes upfront is not bad at all then, I think the deal you cut is pretty good. I’ll double check the numbers and see if they are different regionally or not.

  3. Hi!

    This is the deal I am offered.

    2010 TSX Base-6 speed manual
    MSRP $30,120
    Selling Price: $29,100
    Cap cost: $29,100+$595=$29,695
    36 month/15K
    MF: .00203
    Residual: 60%

    $446/month (includes 5.6% sales tax)
    Out of pocket: $600(includes first payment + plates).
    Your take please.

    • @dax. overall, I’d try to go lower. Sale price is barely $1k below MSRP. That’s not low enough in my opinion. Also, with the MF so high, I would recommend pay the bank fee upfront instead. Invoice is $27,769, so try to get within $500 buck of that at least, then watch your payments drop.

  4. Thank you G. This website is just awesome.

    I have called around Midwest area dealers and there are only few 2010 TSXs with manual transmission around and most of them are quoting TMV price from Edmunds.com $29,100-$29,453 depending on regional adjustment.

    I offered the dealer $500 over invoice and he said no. I just can not justify paying well over $400 for $30K car.

    I am thinking about paying bank fee upfront to reduce payments but in my opinion the dealer must come down with his price as well.

    • @dax. glad you like the site. I agree with you that this is a bit steep for a 30k car. You want your payments to come within 1% to 1.25% of your msrp price. that would make it a pretty decent deal

  5. Great website. Wondering your take on this lease deal for a base 2010 TSX:

    Sale price including dest/acq fees: 28500
    60% residual (18072)
    Money factor: .00203
    Monthly pmt $363
    Down pmt $1500 (cap cost reduction)
    Sales tax in florida is 7%
    Total down with tax, tag, etcc and 1 month pay with the tax: appr. $2254

    • @scott. You are paying about $800 over invoice. There’s still some room there to negotiate. On Acuras, I would personally shoot as close to invoice as I could get with new 2010s. The MF is so-so and but the residual is pretty good. I don’t like the $1500 cap reduction your putting in, I would prefer that you use it towards multiple security deposits to lower the money factor instead. You will get your money back at the end of the lease, just make sure you don’t sell the car before the lease ends.

  6. Found the car i wanted and here is the deal i got. May not be perfect, but it never is…:)

    Sales price including dealer fees, etc (gross cap) $28234
    Cap cost reduction (I know, you don’t like) 1773.12
    Monthly payment $346.08
    automatic transmission
    15k miles/yr.
    pro package
    tinted windows

    The money factor is a special at .00203 and I tried like heck to get lower, but that is the best any dealer could do for this car (I asked at least 3 dealers and told one i got .00156 and they said that was not possible b/c the financing company wouldn’t approve it), my credit score qualified for the top tier. The lower MF of .00156 ws available on the V6 only.

    • @scottr. did you try asking the dealer if you could do multiple security deposits to bring down the money factor? You could essentially apply the 1.7k cap reduction as MSD instead. It wouldn’t lower your payments as much as straight cap reduction will, but you will get that money back at lease end. Remember that MSDs availability varies from dealer to dealer.

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