Welcome to RWG

Good morning everyone!

For those of you who haven’t visited the site over the weekend, I have rebranded the site to commemorate the new beginning.
I know having to sign up will get some “getting used to”, but  I encourage you to do so because I plan to reward the most active members with special perks. 🙂 Plus you sort of need an account to communicate with me.

Here are some fairly major changes to the site:

  1. Lease rates will no longer be posted monthly – A page has been setup which will be updated with lease rates by the community. Check them often because they get updated regularly! It’s actually a lot more comprehensive than I thought. Thank you all for pitching in!
  2. Past lease rates are still available under the “Lease Rates” tab on the navigation bar
  3. Questions are comments should be entered in the Groups section under the appropriate brand. I encourage you to share the deals you have negotiated. I will be providing analysis in those groups to assist folks with their negotiations
  4. I have setup a section for those who want to share numbers of cars other than the “Core 8” brands. I plan to look shop for some of the non-core brands so I will be updating numbers there.
  5. RWG calculator has been replicated three times so you can do side-by-side comparisons as you cross-shop

On a side note: next month, I will be hitting the dealerships to find a car to replace my Sonata with. I will say that after the service they did on it, the Sonata is running whole lot quieter and smoother. They fixed the hellish squeaking from the suspension (should have done that YEARS ago). They will be replacing the scratched up steering wheel rubber for free (YEY). They also took care of some recall notices which was nice. They couldn’t fix my fuel pump issue and they blamed it on the fact that some pumps are too new and not fully compatible with the Sonata’s fueling system. Told me to take it up with Hyundai directly. My response? Ain’t gonna happen. This is a lease (thank goodness), not going to waste my time and breath whining about it to some corporate big wigs that don’t care.

Again, support the ads and referrals if you need their services. Will need the extra funds to pay for the mobile app and a real “special” project I have in mind that could potentially open things up for all of us. Stay tuned.


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