Employee Pricing for Ford F-Series Pickups

If you are in the market for a gas guzzling, rugged, American-built Ford F-Series pickup, you are in luck. Ford is offering “Employee Pricing” for all until the end of June. [Read Article on Edmunds.com]

The logic behind the move is obvious, the F-Series is outdated and they are trying to clear room for the newly design 09 models. But that’s all! With gas around $4+ a gallon, no one really buys a truck unless they need one. So this “best-selling” truck has become the truck that no one really wants. Oh the cooler Harley-Davidson and and chassis-cab models are not available at Employee Price. Hurray for Ford!

Kudos to B for bring this story to my attention. I thank you for all your past, present and future contributions 🙂