Swap-A-Lease Success Story

This is probably the first time I’ve had anyone get back to me with a success story about their experience assuming a lease. You can find the full story, along with a picture of the ride over at RIDE with G’s Facebook Page. Here are the details of the post made by Jennifer.

Hey, there G… Your site is invaluable to lease lovers like myself. I recently got a sweet deal on a lease assumption through swapalease.com on a 2008 BMW 335i convertible. I think swapalease.com only charged me like ~$30 to get details on the “seller.” The car had 14K miles on it; I got the balance of the 36 mo/36K mile lease through BMWFS, expires in April 2011. Monthly payment was $888 but seller gave a $4000 incentive, essentially knocking the payment down to about $688/mo. Plus I got a mini-vacation to Las Vegas to pick up my new ride that is loaded with auto, premium pkg, sport pkg, cold-weather pkg, & idrive.

Special thanks to Jennifer for getting back to me with some feedback about her leasing experience. I think she got a pretty good deal out of it, specially with the extra $4000 incentive that came along with the car, making the payments MUCH lower. This 335 convertible is loaded with tons of options. Me like!

The lesson of this story is simple, if you can’t get the deal you want on a brand new car, head over to SwapALease.com or LeaseTrader.comĀ and browse through their inventory of slightly used ones to see if anything peeks your interest. Keep an eye out for offers that have cash incentives to help lower the price of the car.