2009 Infiniti FX Arrives June 2008

Thanks to the folks at Dieselstation.com for the information and awesome high-res pics. Apparently, shipments of the redesigned 2009 FX will be arriving to showrooms this summer. This only means one thing when it comes to auto leasing, FIRE SALE BABY!!! Well, maybe not to that extreme, but I expect some incentives to roll our way between the next few months and the end of the year for all remaining 2008 models. This seems like standard practice anyway; Look at Acura and what they are doing with their 08 TL and TSX!

A quick inventory lookup on Autonation for my local area pulls up 54 FX35s and 2 FX45s. I’m guessing the FX45s don’t sell very well due to our gas prices being $4 + per gallon. Plus how many really NEED AWD in Southern California. Really.

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