Test Drive: 2007 Mercedes Benz SLK55 AMG

While doing a trade-in appraisal of my car this past weekend, I took a spin around the block in a 2007 SLK55 AMG. This is probably the second time that I have ever driven a two-seat convertible, so I was rather excited. I had absolutely no intention of every purchasing the car, but I felt it would be fun to take it out on a spin and kill some time since my car’s appraisal was going to take about 30 minutes to complete.

It certainly was fun to cruise around in a convertible as eye-catching as the SLK55, the problem is, for a AMG, it wasn’t THAT fast. It felt somewhat sluggish and heavy at times, which was odd considering this is an AMG tuned TWO-SEAT convertible. Another thing that annoyed me was not having a “one-touch” switch to retract roof. I had to hold the stupid thing for at least 15-20 seconds for it to close. At times, it almost seemed like it got stuck.

The one thing I do like about this car is the exhaust note. It has a very deep throttling roar which makes it sound fast. Other than that, I really don’t see any reason to get one of these unless you truly love it’s SLR-wannabe looks and got lot of money to spend.

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