09 Honda Pilot Lease Rates for December 2008

  At Invoice At MSRP
Make/Model Invoice MSRP 24-month 36-month 24-month 36-month
09 Honda Pilot Touring 2WD $33,994 $37,465 N/A $502 N/A $602
09 Honda Pilot EX-L AWD $32,548 $35,865 N/A $471 N/A $567

My Take: The Pilot is one UGLY SUV. I’m a believer in driving something that not only drives well, but also makes you look good riding it it. This car fails miserably in that department. Despite that fact, this is still a very good family hauler and it’s very well appointed, like all Hondas/Acuras are. The lease looks pretty decent on the 36mo/15k term at invoice. Go with the 12k lease and you will see your payments drop some more. Remember that RES and Navi models tend to have lower residual values, so if you opt for that, make sure you aren’t paying more (over 36 months) than buying a portable Navi or RES which you get to keep AFTER your lease is over.

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NOTE: Estimates do assuming the following:

  • Inception fees (1st month payment, DMV, doc fee, bank fee, tire tax and possible security deposit) will be paid at signing.
  • Local Taxes not included.
  • 24-month/15k and 36-month/15k terms.
  • All cars are stock, without any options.

2009 Honda Pilot December Lease Rates

Touring 2WD
36-month | 15k miles | residual 48% | .0011 base money factor

36-month | 15k miles | residual 49% | .0011 base money factor

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2 thoughts on “09 Honda Pilot Lease Rates for December 2008

  1. Hey G,
    i was wondering how yesterdays Fed rate reduction can affect the money factor for Pilot 09 EXL. There must be some kind of correlation, but I just could not find anything on the web.

    PS: nice resource you have.

  2. Thank you OBS! Well, for leases, there really isn’t much of a correlation. Lease rates seem to fluctuate based on a manufacturer’s need to move cars more so than anything. For purchases, you are pretty much seeing it right now. There’s a sea of 0%-2.9% APR deals going on right now from almost all manufacturers.

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