The Wall : Getpaid’s 2009 Mercedes CLK350

Name: Getpaid
Location: California
What He’s Got: Everything but wood grain and Navi.
What It Cost: 2 payments left on my old lease and about 5,000 miles over my allotted 10,000 per year ($1250). Paid $3000 after everything at drive off (that includes my first month’s payment) and am paying $455 a month for 39 months at 10,000 miles a year. I believe sticker was $52950 but i’m not positive as to what it came out to when all was said and done.

My Take:PHAT RIDE! Love it! Mercs do look best in black so you definitely didn’t go wrong there. The deal in my opinion was very good considering the following… 1) You were over your miles and had a couple payments left. 2) Of the $3000 up front that you paid, more than HALF was going towards inception, meaning your cap reduction was probably no more than $1k. At $455, that’s about the same as what some folks are paying for 2.0T A4s and 328i…but you got a CLK350 at a MSRP of $52k. Congrats! Great ride, great deal. Thank you VERY MUCH for sharing. Wow, the first Merc on the Wall!

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