09 VW GTI Lease Rates – April 2009

logo_vwMy Take: GTi rates looks pretty decent. The residual is fairly low, but so is the money factor. As a matter of fact, it is actually lower than their lowest APR for purchase financing. So leasing, is probably the cheaper option. I’ve always had a soft sport for the GTi, but the honeycomb grill needs to go. They should go with the chrome-nose that the Jettas and R32s have to keep things in the VW family more uniform. Anyway, not a bad lease-to-buy candidate, if that’s what you want. The lowest financing APR available is 3.9% for up to 36 months. There are two cash rebates for customers this month, a loyalty one worth $500 and a $1000 for any customer financing with VW. The Loyalty rebate expires tomorrow and the $1000 customer cash expires on 5/4/2009.

At Invoice At MSRP
Make/Model Invoice MSRP 24-month 36-month 24-month 36-month
2009 Volkswagen GTi 2dr $23,455 $25,030 $435 $351 $503 $396

NOTE: Estimates assuming the following conditions:

  • Inception fees (1st month payment, DMV, doc fee, bank fee, tire tax and possible security deposit) due at signing.
  • Local Taxes not included.
  • 24-month/15k and 36-month/15k terms.
  • All cars are stock, without any options.
  • No rebates/incentives applied

2009 Volkswagen GTi

2009 Volkswagen GTi 2dr
24-month | 15k miles | residual 56% | .00113 base money factor
36-month | 15k miles | residual 49% | .00113 base money factor
48-month | 15k miles | residual 42% | .00167 base money factor

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