2010 Lincoln MKS Lease Rates – October 2009

My Take: It’s not every day I post an American made vehicle’s lease rates, so enjoy it while you can. How does it look? So-so. It’s not terrible, but it certainly isn’t going to make me get out of my seat and go test drive one. I’m baffled as to how Ford is in better shape than GM and Chrysler. Their products really aren’t all that great. During the OC Auto Show, I roamed around the Ford section and came away very disappointed. The quality of the materials is so-so. Lots of plastic used, the design still doesn’t look uniform (i.e. their cars felt like they where designed by different departments). One of the biggest tests I conduct with cars is the “door slam” test. Some cars feel hollow, while others have a very solid “thud” sound when you close it. I like the solid “thud” sound in my cars. To top things off, just look at the picture in this post! This Lincoln looks like its got teeth and it’s going to eat me.

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2010 Lincoln MKS

2010 Lincoln MKS AWD
36-month | 15k miles | residual 54% | .00145 base money factor

2010 Lincoln MKS 2WD
39-month | 15k miles | residual 46% | .00093 base money factor

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