Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! As you all know, I will be going on vacation tonight and I will not be returning until the weekend of the 16th. This means that there will not be posting any lease rates until I return. I know you will miss having all the information all on one website, but don’t feel bad, you can still find it floating around the web. In any case, remember that the price tags for practically ALL BMWs are going up starting January 1st, so today IS your last day to snap up 2010 models for a lower price tag. The lease cash is still available on all BMWs right now so don’t sleep on this.

Other notable promotions that will also end come January 4th:

  • Lexus December to Remember (No idea what the deal is here)
  • VW (Sign-then-drive, waiving 1st monthly payment)
  • Audi (waiving security deposit)
  • Mazda (Sign-and-drive)
  • Infiniti (Limited Winter Engagement; really attactive lease numbers for the G37. 2010 G37s are coming next month, so the deal could be extended OR become less attractive)
  • Honda (Happy Honda Days; for the most part, the lease rates are pretty good on the more popular models like the Accord)
  • Toyota (Camry is a REALLY good deal right now)
  • Acura (The $1500 and $2000 rebates will probably disappear come January 5th on the TSX V6 with and without Tech).

Now before I head out, there will be some temporary changes that I plan to implement starting today.

  1. New users cannot register in the forums. During my absence, I will be disabling the new user registration approving new users MANUALLY because I’ve been slammed with spammers these past couple weeks and I do not want to come back to a bunch of spammers peddling their viagra, cyalis, ringtones or webcam girls. Since I won’t be able to moderate the forums on a daily basis I felt this was the best option while I am away. New users will be approved upon my return.
  2. Current users will still have access to the forums. This means if you have already registered, you can post as you please.
  3. You may use this blog post as your general Q&A post. Since the blog part of the site handles spam much better than the forums, you may ask your questions here if you like. Just remember that using certain explicit language or hyper linking to other websites will get your comments flag as spam, so it would have to be approved manually.

That is all folks! Enjoy the New Year, hopefully we get some really good lease rates this year (I know I need it because my TSX has about 4 payments left).

See you all when I get back!


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