2012 Mercedes-Benz Lease Rates – February 2012

I’m only seeing one big change this month and it’s on the SL550’s MF. It drops from .00225 to .00165. Significant, specially when you are looking at a car at this price range, but probably doesn’t affect too many of us since this isn’t exactly a “mainstream” vehicle.

I’m still liking the C250 coupe if you qualify for the Loyalty cash. The slight drop in sale prices has helped drop the payments about $9 per month, which doesn’t look like much, but every little helps. The cash is really huge because it boosts the discount off MSRP from 4% to 9.5%, which is really the difference-maker here. If I were in the market for the C250 coupe right now and qualified for the loyalty cash, I would ask for 4% off MSRP, then take the $2000 loyalty cash and use it to pay drive-offs. Then I would drop extra cash as MSDs in order to drop the MF since it’s pretty high.

Here is a sample calculation based on TrueCar’s Southern California sale price and do not include local taxes. Please note that your dealer calculations may vary due to local fees/taxes.

2012 Mercedes C250 2dr Coupe
MSRP – $38,095
Sale Price – $34,500 ($2000 loyalty cash applied)
Monthly – $394+ tax
RWG Rating – 94.3

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2012 Mercedes C300 4matic Sport 4dr Sedan
36 Month – Residual 58% of MSRP – .00146 Base Rate

2012 Mercedes C250 Sport 4dr Sedan
36 Month – Residual 59% of MSRP – .00157 Base Rate

2012 Mercedes C250 2dr Coupe
36 Month – Residual 66% of MSRP – .00225 Base Rate

2012 Mercedes C350 2dr Coupe
36 Month – Residual 64% of MSRP – .00225 Base Rate

2012 Mercedes CL550 4matic 2dr Coupe
36 Month – Residual 48% of MSRP – .00225 Base Rate

2012 Mercedes CLS550 4matic 4dr Sedan
36 Month – Residual 54% of MSRP – .00195 Base Rate

2012 Mercedes E350 Sport 4matic 4dr Sedan
36 Month – Residual 52% of MSRP – .00158 Base Rate

2012 Mercedes E350 2dr Coupe
36 Month – Residual 57% of MSRP – .00162 Base Rate

2012 Mercedes E350 2dr Convertible
36 Month – Residual 57% of MSRP – .00167 Base Rate

2012 Mercedes GL450 4matic
36 Month – Residual 55% of MSRP – .00131 Base Rate

2012 Mercedes GLK350 4matic
36 Month – Residual 54% of MSRP – .00135 Base Rate

2012 Mercedes ML350 4matic
36 Month – Residual 56% of MSRP – .00155 Base Rate

2012 Mercedes ML350 BLUETEC
36 Month – Residual 60% of MSRP – .00225 Base Rate

2012 Mercedes R350 4matic
36 Month – Residual 52% of MSRP – .00195 Base Rate

2012 Mercedes S550 4matic
36 Month – Residual 50% of MSRP – .00136 Base Rate

2012 Mercedes SL550 Convertible
36 Month – Residual 54% of MSRP – .00165 Base Rate

2012 Mercedes SLK350 Convertible
36 Month – Residual 53% of MSRP – .00154 Base Rate

23 thoughts on “2012 Mercedes-Benz Lease Rates – February 2012

  1. Picking up 2012 Glk350 tomorrow. 30 month 12k/yr, dealer tells me money factor for top tier credit is .00175. Seems high? Comments? Is this a mark up?

    • @andrew. Not necessarily. I don’t have numbers for 30-month leases so I can’t confirm the MF. But the ones posted only apply to the 36-month lease. So what are the details of the deal?

  2. Thank you!! So I signed today:
    2012 GLK350 4matic, Premium, Multimedia, Lighting, heated seats, Keyless GO

    MSRP 47,300
    Negotiated price (including $1500 USAA rebate) 42,788
    30 month lease
    12K mi/yr
    64% residual
    MF: final negotiated .00145 (dealer was offering .00175, which he DID state was markup over base of .00135); final MF includes .0001 discount for automatic
    0 cap cost reduction

    final payment $563.86 plus tax.

    I feel okay with this! thoughts?

    • @andrew. It’s not bad. Gets a high 88 RWG rating on my calculator, assuming you pay all inception fees upfront. I normally recommend leasing cars with a 90 rating or higher, but if it’s a car you really want, I would go no lower than a 85 rating. You’re sitting somewhere between “I really want” and “good deal”. If you roll it in, then it doesn’t look as good, but then again, that’s the price you pay to lease a MB so you have to take that into account when leasing something like this. The GLK leases have slowly improved over the last few years since it’s introduction. It’s gotten much better, but it isn’t a “can’t miss” type deal. Of course, this is probably one of the better lease payments I’ve seen on the GLK in the past few years.

  3. Left out, sorry:

    Final adjusted cap cost $43,982, which I negotiated selling price ($42,788) + acq fee ($795) + dealer prep and handling ($399)

  4. Thank you VERY much for the analysis, and you are so right on the “i really want” and “good deal”. But educate me; Why pay the $795 up front, instead of rolling it into the lease and having it residualized? Rolling it in increases my payment by about $20 a month, over 30 months would be about $600, $195 less than paying it up front? I thought about paying it all upfront, but perhaps my logic is flawed in an obvious way that will make me say “oooohhhh” when you explain it! 🙂

    • @andrew. The $795 does not residualize. Costs that get residualized must be added to the MSRP, not the Sale price. In your case, the MSRP remains constant and the bank fee is added to the cap cost, which you pay in full, plus interest and tax. In your case, adding the $795 bank fee increases the payments about $27 per month (not sure how you got $20), which is about $810 over 30 months before sales taxes are factored in. Not a HUGE chunk of change in all honesty, but it is a tiny bit more.

  5. I definitely stand corrected ! For some reason I though it was residualized. I was surprised that a prepaid maitenance plan WAS residualisabke though, thought his would treated the same. But I ended up paying $11/month for this, or $ 330 over length of loan, where it retails at $769

    Thanks for your knowledge. You Are an AWESOME source

    • @andrew. Glad to help. I had no idea they allowed prepaid maintenance to be residualized. That’s great INFO there. Enjoy the car!

  6. 2012 e350 blue Tec 58k MSRP

    sign and drive 12k per year

    489 per month inc tax 24 month lease

    best deal in car history imho. Only on blue Tec car only

    • really? that’s VERY good. Shockingly good if you ask me. What state did you get this deal at? Regardless of the conquest cash, that’s one crazy good deal. Residual must be insane for 24 months.

  7. I 4got 3000 conquest cash applied for the payment so you must have a luxury competitor current car

  8. Also the dealer pays the first payment and fees etc. So customer responsibility is only 23 months at 488/month blue tech car is the only way this deal will work and if you dont have the conquest cash applied, then the payment is about $600. This is on a P2 pkg car.

    If you get a P1 pkg bluetec with conquest you can imagine what an insane deal this is at even lower than 488 payment.

  9. What is generally required in order to qualify for tier 1a credit from Mercedes Benz Financial Services?

      • Thanks for the above response!

        My credit score came back from MBFS as an 841 and I’m being told I’m only tier 1. The dealer is saying that there are many factors that are considered and shared a printout with me that also said I was tier 1. I called MBFS directly about it because I had to do a phone interview with them after my application was submitted so I had the name and number of someone at MBFS. The person at MBFS basically repeated what the dealer told me.

        Any thoughts or suggestions?

        • Jay. 841 is top tier for most models with a special rate. Vehicles with the standard rates (.00225) require an even HIGHER tier, which takes into consideration not just your credit score, but your history as a whole. So it all depends on which model you are picking. The discount is from 0.00225 to 0.00195.

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