2013 Audi Lease Rates – July 2013

Pretty much the usual residual/money factor drop here. It is highly likely that the numbers remain the same next month these lease rates should be good for some time.
I did get manage to get the S6 numbers this month, they don’t look all that great.

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17 thoughts on “2013 Audi Lease Rates – July 2013

      • What market indicator is the best to follow when trying to anticipate auto lease rates moving up or down on a month to month basis? Thanks for a great site.

        • Residuals decrease, normally on a quarterly basis from the time a vehicle is released, until the next model year.

          So for example, the 2013 Audi RS5 had a 54-56% residual when it was first released, 3 months later, it does down by 2-3% etc.

          Money factors usually don’t follow that kind of trend and aren’t as easy to predict.

          If the prime rate goes up, normally finance rates follow suit. But, sometimes a manufacturer wants to move a particular car, so the will subsidize the money factor to sell more cars. (example, the A8)

          Hope this helps.

    • Dan, please just post your questions on the comments section. I do my best to try to answer them when I have time, but by posting it here, it allows for other knowledgeable readers to help.

  1. ok here is my situation. I have on order 14′ RS5 coupe. MSRP is $76,745 and I got it down to $74,442.65 or 3% off which was great. Dealer told me there is a doc dealer handling fee of $499.50 + $702.20 ($695 for acquisition fee + $7.20 state filling fee for that). So the total net price came to $75,644.35.
    I would like to see based on those figures if you can run me a lease estimate for 3yrs/12000 miles? My sales tax where I live are 8.25% in case you need them.
    I know from Mike from Best Buy leasing for 14’RS5 coupe July residual is 55% for 12000 and MF is .00172 for 36 months.

    My dealer ran me an estimate for 3yrs/12000mls with $1500 cash down – $1,397 per month and when I asked them based on what MF is that they told me .00317 and then I laughed and told them that this is ridiculous..So here I am now and if you have time run me a lease estimates so I can show my dealer what my lease payment suppose to be..Thanks for the great site and if weren’t you I will be in their trap now!!

  2. Also I forgot to mention that I will get Audicare which add 1% to residual so my residual will go to 56%.

  3. Your lease rate depends on your credit rating. Are you a tier 1+ (720 and more)? If not, that explains the crazy mf. If yes, run away from that dealer.

    FYI, there is a link to a lease calculator on the top of the page that is easy to use.
    In the politest way of saying this looking for people’s best interests, I never think it is a good idea for someone to lease if they cant run the numbers themselves. It is worthwhile to learn it as it will save one tons of money. See my posting on Honda’s July rate to see why.

  4. Thanks LT. My score is 740+ so no doubt I am qualified for .00172. I know about the lease calculator I’ve been using it and i it weren’t this great site I could be ripped off already, but now I can twist their hands and show them that they wont play that game with me..

  5. Go to another dealer. For a reference, i could probably get 2 lexus gs and 1 ct, or 3 es for that payment. Ridiculous.

  6. That shows how a dealer is run. You probably dont want to go back there for service and warranty work either. If it starts that way, dont waste your time.

    I recently brought my recent vw trade in after got a carmax appraisal to 3 vw dealers. I just went straight forward and show then the carmax offer and asked them if they would top that offer. One matched carmax price and allowed me to payoff the negative equity with a credit card. Another, my originating dealer and the one i ended up selling to, topped carmax offer by $500+ allowed me to use cc + offered me a ride home (to be fair, me and my extended family got 3 cars from them in a year. So, they might be just servicing me and appreciating my business). The third dealer asked what i would get the insulted my choice and lowballed carmax’s offer and said that carmax would not honor their appraisal. Idiots thought i was an idiot so i couldnt run fast enough while they frantically upped their offer as i got in to my car. Guess which dealer will earn my business and referrals in the future? Although the same brand, not all dealers run the same.

  7. I am still in talks with my dealer. Yesterday my SM called and start telling me that MF is .00317 cause they need to get a profit of leasing this car,its an RS5 and is rare,limited even than R8 and that .00172 is their buyout rate blablabla..I called the other dealer and asked their sales manager for lease rates for RS5 for July and he told me .00172 and 55% for 36 months like they are here! I told my SM that and he said if I can forward that email with these numbers to him so he can show them to him manager to see if he can match them up..its crazy man I am telling you but I wont making deal with .00317 like they want! BTW car is in production stock as of now..

  8. Does anyone know if buying Audicare adds 1% to the residual value listed here? Or is buying Audicare required to get the rates listed here? Last year I went into the dealer with the numbers I got here, but while signing the lease, I was told I had to buy Audicare in order to get the rates listed… just wondering if it was true or if it is BS…

  9. its BS , you dont have to get Audicare to get those rates..all you need is perfect score. And yes Audicare adds 1% to residual.

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